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Saturday, 22 November 2014

saturday night - move complete

Good evening,

I am writing this on the little machine as I sit in my new bed.
The new flat looks respectable although I cannot find various
Things I need for tomorrow or monday.
Basically I have assigned everything to a place but some things
Are not unpacked yet. I need to do a list and a treasure hunt

This afternoon I finished cleaning and clearing the other flat. I
Did my best not to thimk about it.
Then I was collected but we only moved me and the last of my
Luggage, not the small but vital furniture.

It has not been a stress free move. Cornflakes, cocoa and rice have spilled.
A few things have broken and I have a cut on my arm.
But, things are already straightening out.

This afternoon I went into town to
Get things I needed. The
New place needs so much stuff.

The landlord is kindly goin
g to put up picture hooks,
I was worried that wouldnt be allowed as
The whole place is brand new and in pristine condition.

It is really hard to try to adjust to brand new flat, because the old one had been worn in to comfort by decades of tenants, whereas this is brand new and hard to arrange comfortably.

But it is now somewhat arranged and tidy.
The problems include the kitchenette being too small for ease of use, almost no surfaces at the moment and more storage space needed, and I really need net curtains.
But, the comfort of a nice shower and other things even it out.

This evening after extensively arranging and unpacking,
I walked down the cut onto the cliff tops,
It was dark and misty with the sea roaring on  a far tide, fishermen on the beach.
I walked along the cliff to the shop as I needed potatos for tomorrows roast.

I went dizzy and sweaty and realised I had been working hard since early morning without eating much.

I was afraid I would faint in the shp but I got lucozade and chocolate and shot my blood suger up.
I got home with my shopping and it felt funny but familiar walking up past my old old home to my new one.
I will collect the blue bike tomorrow, I am sureit will forgive me when it sees its new stable.

I have had a nice shower and the radio is on in the living room, comforting and quit.
This tablet is hard work, cant wait to get computer back.
Goodnight peeps. Very tired.

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  1. Glad the move went well and hope you will be happy in your new home