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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thursday Morning

Good  morning,

Well I wont say I woke to the news of Jersey election results, because I was awake until 1am.

It is sad,

The finance industry choose who wins, with a bit of help from the church, as we know, and the real people of Jersey are wasting their time voting, they end up with the same mindless and dishonest people who do nothing for them.
Still Jersey have chosen, an even worse selection than before, but with the usual rotten eggs.
I am glad I am not there, I have to say, it was not a good thing.
The only puzzle is, why did the church and establishment's second biggest rotten egg step down? Maybe he simply couldn't keep covering up and lying any more, maybe the legal implications were getting too great even for an ex-magistrate.

Anyway, so I got to bed at 1am, and woke at 7am, which is thankful as I have a doctor appointment in a few hours.

The sunrise is yellow against a clear sky, and during the night it was clear with stars.

I am not looking forward to today's meetings.

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