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Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday Night

Good evening,

Well the day turned pleasant and sunny as I biked to health and fitness, I got there early and had a look round the nearby ancient cemetery.

Health and fitness was a mixture of good and boring, I drank several cups of tea and read recipe books.
I have lost two pounds this week, which makes three pounds in two weeks despite being without the oven for the first week.
I am also fitter, now that the new asthma meds have kicked in, I can bike up hills that I couldn't bike up before, and I can bike all the way to the health and fitness club.
My exercise log said I have done 7 hours and 25 minutes exercise for the week, which no one can complaint about, especially as I have been so ill.

I biked home with my lights keeping me safe, my pal offered to by my a cycle helmet earlier, but they are expensive flimsy polystyrene and do not make any difference in an accident, that is why I am surprised to see that Jersey children are being made to wear them, the headline was 'Jersey children made to wear cycling helmets by law' well they will look funny walking round in cycle helmets and they wont sleep well wearing them, I would prefer my friend to get me a high visibility vest, because I wont feel safe riding the bike at night until I have one.

Anyway, I came home, dropped my things off and heated some beans to eat with bread and went straight back out again. I headed for church, but the expected programme had suddenly changed because the hosts had to cancel, so my friends were doing a slide show instead and we finished early.

A lot of the gang were asking about my jigsaw puzzle, and one of them had brought me a puzzle board so I can get off the kitchen floor :) this means I can even do the jigsaw in bed when I am ill.

As we headed home I realised I couldn't find my bike keys, my friend came with me to look, and we found them in the bike lock, silly me! :)
It had rained while we were in church, so the bike was wet, and the temperature dropping, so it might freeze tonight.
This week exercise is likely to be hampered by bad weather, but I will do my best.

Tomorrow is art and craft day as usual.

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