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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Good evening peeps,

Well it was a dramatic day at work.

I didn't sleep well last night despite the rain and slight coolness as a result.
Recently I have restless light sleep and vivid, coherent but completely irrelevant dreams that seem to be about other people's lives.

Anyway, I dragged myself to work to try to catch up.

I worked all morning at the mansion and got a lot done.

As I drove away I realised something was wrong with my eye, it was hurting and streaming. getting worse all the time.

I tried to work out why. I was worried it was a wasp sting, the wasps had been bombarding me as I worked, so I bombed them in return, revenge? But I was sure a wasp sting might me different, no sign of a sting, it could be an allergic reaction.

I went home for lunch and to get the mower, couldn't find anything at home to ease the eye problem.

After lunch I headed for the next job, stopped at the chemist, the chemist lady got me some eye drops and told me to put a cold compress on my eye, I don't have any of those and I told her I couldn't do it until after work and she said that was alright and use anything cold.

So I put some eye drops in, and went to the bakery over the road, I don't like many cakes, I hate mass-produce supermarket cakes, they aren't nice, but that bakery has cakes I like, and I got the sympathy vote because my eye was streaming.

I headed down the seafront, ate my cake and waited for my eye to calm down.

Then I headed for the care home and worked hard to catch up there, this is the wrong time of year to be off work because everything goes mad.
Unfortunately then something else happened that indicated an allergic reaction, I started coughing and couldn't stop, I was sick a few times, fortunately I was alone in the gardens and no-one noticed,and I just buried it, and then my eye started calming down.

I can still feel an allergic type reaction in my throat and chest, and my eye is a bit swollen. I worked hard at the care home and only got home half an hour ago.

Hollyoaks is on, supper is on, and I have coffee.

I put a bottle of cold water on my eye, my fridge has bottles of water and squash ready for work days, and now I have put a hydration tablet in the bottle of water. Hydration tablets mean I get sick much less.

My eye has started running again, what a waste of salt and water.

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