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Monday, 17 July 2017


Good evening peeps,

Well yesterday I remained tired.

I went to church, and intended to just crawl back to my den and hibernate, but when my friend said 'So, what are you doing for the rest of the day?' I knew I was rumbled.

She took me out to lunch, we were heading for a pub we know but we ended up at one we didn't know, it was lovely, there was loads of room in the pub garden and it was nice, the staff were good, and the food was divine! We both hope to go there again.

I had a big roast dinner and several pints of lemonade, she had curry and several pints of coke.

I came home exhausted, my eye had been running like a tap, so I was relieved to put some drops in it and be home and rest.

I watched Grease, and various other stuff, and in the evening I began to find enough energy to get the housework and pre-work chores done, so the house was clean and my clothes and boots were laid out ready, and all the food and drinks for today were in the car.

I slept relatively well, but woke from vivid dreams, soon forgotten.

My workmate emailed to say he would be late as he was going to the tip, he also told me the good news that we didn't have that awful garden tacked onto the end of the round today. Today's round is the commercial and holiday lets round, no-one around, no pressure, but for a while now we have had to do this old lady's garden and she is hard to deal with, there is no shade there, and the garden is awful, we struggle at the end of a hard day, in the sun always, to get anything done, then it takes half an hour to get her to pay, so it is a horrible unsuitable garden for the round, but the good news was that it was cancelled today.

So the day felt better as there was no hurry to get to work and the day looked easier, not that that is saying much. I got to the first job, and weeded busily as I waited for my workmate.

When he arrived, we did the mowing and strimming, and moved on to weeding, trimming, and hedgecutting. The sea was busy with boats and ships and was interesting.

The kiosk was open, so I had ice cream and coffee, and my mate had pepsi.
Then after the morning there, we drove further down the seafront and had lunch on the seafront. Very nice.

Then we went and worked hard again at the next estate and gave that some extra time as that had been requested, a few extra tasks there.

The weather had been forecast warm and cloudy, but it was hot and sunny, I drank a litre of hydration mix and two litres of squash.

Then we had three smaller jobs for the remainder of the day, it was nice to finish a bit early instead of late because of that old lady.

I got home tired and aching, decided to do a quick wash of my work clothes which were wet with sweat, and a cold shower for me.  I did beef and rice for supper, and tried to watch Hollyoaks while I sorted out the details of my next adventure - this week.
The boss rang just as things were getting tense in first look Hollyoaks, so I missed all that, and when the boss rang off, I changed to Film4 for Airplane 2, Airplane 2 is not by the same producers as Airplane and is not the same, but it is OK to watch, I guess.

I am having to reschedule things for the working week, which never amuses me.

I am so tired, bed time is soon and I am looking forward to it. Sleep.

I have done most of my chores.

Tomorrow is due thunderstorms later in the day, I hope so, but prefer to get my work done first.
I have an old lady and a care home to garden tomorrow, and that is all, but it is still a day's work.
It will be hot before the storms.

This is a hot summer, I am enduring it, I will never be good at heat, but at least with the help of sun lotion and huge amounts of fluids and a lot of effort to manage pain when I get home, I don't end up so ill from the heat, my ancestry must be Scandinavian, I am not designed for hot weather.

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