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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
This blog is in tandem with my blog about my experiences in the Church of England

The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Sunday, 9 July 2017


Good evening peeps,

Almost back to normal. I stopped coping last week, but the four day break and the support and inspiration of other church survivors has helped me a lot.

I got home last night, and as usual, spent most of today recovering, thankfully it hasn't even been the worst recovery and I haven't been sick.
As a lot of you know, I can't travel without being unwell, not travel sickness but the impact on my injuries and joints.

So for me, recovery involves sitting or lying quietly in low light, drinking as much fluid as my body allows and running through at least five medications over and over, as well as wearing a neck collar. Today it was hard to wear a neck collar, or anything for that matter because of the heat.

It has been very hot today, so staying home in the flat with the windows open but blinds closed has been alright. I did literally do very little. Apart from washing the sweaty clothes I brought back with me.

I watched Hollyoaks this morning, had crackers for lunch, literally all I had, and then went to sleep again for a while.
I had a cool shower and hung the washing out, and I conversed with other survivors.

My workmate sent me a cheerful and encouraging email, he knows I have been struggling, we don't go into depth about our problems, we have a nice balance, and we do support each other.

I was going to publish 'Hampshire Hymn' and you know I have been saying that for months, but it is actually edited and ready for the first publication, but I didn't exert any effort today.

Well actually this evening I tidied the flat and got my work things ready. So it looks from here as if I have been home as usual and done the weekend cleaning and work preparation routines as normal.

I am nearly fully recovered now, but not looking forward to tomorrow on the estate and in the heat, it is never fun, I hope that the remaining pain fades by then. I have put bags of full bottles of water and squash in the car, but I need to get rehydration salts at the chemist tomorrow, I got through a litre yesterday. The boys seem to cope with the heat so much better than me and are amazed how much fluid I drink as I work. Maybe boys are like camels.

So here I am, my weekend routines done, everything almost normal. Clean work clothes on the banister, backpack and boots by the door and I am in my shorts and sleepy cotton shirt, getting sleepy now, but another cool shower before bed would be good. People talk about weather being 'close' and 'sticky' and this must be what they mean, even if it sounds funny, I wish we could have thunderstorms but the last lot missed us too.

Well done to everyone hightlighting the church of England's mockery of safeguarding and the continued very serious corruption and collusion and lack of safeguarding.
Remember, Justin Welby is lying when he claims to care about safeguarding, and the National Safeguarding Team are there to protect him and the corrupt core, if you are a survivor, you must refuse to meet with them as they force meetings on you for the sake of meeting the criteria of their in-house insurers, have a read of this if you haven't already

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