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Monday, 10 July 2017


Good evening peeps,

Well, lets ignore the church and police growling in the background.

I worked on the estate today.

We were lucky that the boss's daughter came to work with us today and helped to pick the speed up.

The boss refuses to drop the estate contract even though we hate it and it is all hassle.

Anyway, I got to work and realised I had no tools with me, I meant to put them in the car last night but I was too tired, and I forgot this morning. Thankfully the car was loaded with bottles of squash, water and hydration salts. The weather was due to be hot again, and hot weather and the estate are my idea of a nightmare.

I told my workmate I forgot my tools, I told him the boss would laugh. Then I went litterpicking, by hand as the litterpick was at home among my tools.
The boss laughed at me about leaving my tools at home.

The day worked out well work-wise, as we divided in two, the boss and his daughter mowed and strimmed the lower estate and myself and my workmate mowed and strimmed the upper estate, the mowing was done by lunchtime and we were all on weeding and pruning, it really worked well in that respect.

But as I said, the weather was hot, hot with a breeze, we had the outside chance of a thunder shower and I kept looking hopefully at the clouds that came and went. I got through a litre and a half of rehydration salts, two litres or fruit squash and some water, the water was meant for washing with as there is no tap on the estate for me to soak myself under. So I had a bottle of water and a towel to wash myself, and I had sun cream to re-apply. I can't afford to be ill with sunburn or dehydration related illness. It's funny because the boys don't get sick from the heat the way I do, I have an unlucky metabolism.

We got through the day, it is never easy there, it is our hardest work, but I told the boss he must bring his daughter again as she was really helpful. We covered most areas, there is always more to do there, and people are never happy, and they won't extend our hours so that we can do everything and not work flat out as we do.

By the end of the day I was worried because the injury was seizing up, but while we had the end of the day discussion, I put pressure on the muscle and it released and I am not in pain, just aching from the work, and tired.

Work is looking busy, and apart from tomorrow looking cool and rainy, it looks to stay warm and sunny, which annoys me, I have endured so much sun this year.

Anyway, I have put the tools in the car and sorted myself and the flat out, I feel all tired and lazy, I would rather do nothing until bed time and then sleep, but you know what going to bed early does to me - nightmares! Hurrah, a whole fortnight until we do the estate again. And I may have some free time tomorrow if the weather is wet, so I will publish Hampshire Hymn.

Star Trek came on after Hollyoaks, it is nonsense as far as I am concerned, but I was reminded of driving everyone mad with this

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