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The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Saturday, 22 July 2017


Good morning peeps,

Well yesterday I went to work with my workmate, traffic was horrendous in the morning, and indeed all day.

We did six hours at the retirement complex where the old ladies stampede because they adore him. He calls them his concubines and laughs about it.

There was plenty to do of course, the previous gardeners neglected the site and it is a big site, I ploughed into one area, filling up ton bags rapidly, while my mate got on with the boundary hedge, which takes up a lot of his time there.

The car's best friend came to the site at tea break, to do some checks and work on Max, he tightened the handbrake and ran tests, and has arranged for Max to go to the service station next week for a test, the stupid fault code is claiming we never replaced the catalyst, haha, it may be one of the probes at fault, so we need to have another emissions test to start with. Anyway, various things and prices and things, stupid car.

Anyway, the site manager at work asked me to plant up some tubs, so I had a break from heavy clearance, still filled 4 ton bags, overdid it a bit and felt a bit sick, but at least the cool breeze and cloud helped.

After we had done our six hours there, we headed through the heavy traffic to go and do the difficult old lady's garden, we don't like that, and she was difficult, but my workmate let me go when he went to get the money, otherwise I would be waiting half an hour for no reason, and I had the farm to do.

The farm isn't far from there, so I headed over there to start my duty as farm-sitter.

The rain was just spotting by then and I was worried about getting home to get my washing in as I had done a wash and put it out before work.

At the farm there were 7 hen eggs and 2 bantam eggs, so I am having egg sandwiches for lunch today, I fed the pigs, fed the geese and ducks, checked the hen and quail food and water, and shut the animals in for the night, all well.

Then I raced the clouds through heavy traffic all the way home and got the washing in just in time.

I was sad to see that the Church and Ecclesiastical Insurance has hijacked the Victoria Derbyshire interview with survivors and had lied a lot and treated victims' concerns with contempt, sad and disheartening, when will the Church of England be dealt with as they deserve? Maybe when we don't have a duplicitous Prime Minister who claims to be a Christian because her dad was a very dodgy CofE vicar.

Anyway, I was tired last night, working on this book 'In Terror' which is cathartic but nasty to write.

I went to bed early, and as is usual of late, I had an unsettled night with nightmares.

I woke at 7.10am and got up, work shirt, black jeans, work boots, off to the farm.

I only do the farm in the morning at weekends, thankfully, someone else is doing weekday mornings, so I just do evenings and weekend mornings.

At the farm, the ducks were shouting eagerly about being let out, so I let them out and let them get the food and fresh water before I let the geese out, the geese are a bit mean, and the geese like to sit in the drinking water too, so I let the ducks have first call, and then I let the geese out.

Then I fed the pigs, whose troughs were flung about in the mire, thank you pigs!
Then I checked the hens, no eggs, hens fine, I did their water and food, counted them, keep still you sods! And then checked the Quail and their food and water. All done.

I nipped into town on the way back, had breakfast and coffee, grabbed some shopping, posted some letters, and then here I am home, bewildered by my changed routine.

The weather has been heavy showers all morning, after heavy rain yesterday evening and in the night. Rain is comforting and welcome.

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