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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Southampton - A letter to a Bishop

July 8th 2017 Southampton, the city of my childhood.

I have gone on trying to work and survive and live a normal life since the church destroyed me, but it got increasingly hard.

There has been no justice in my case, no closure, I have been left publicly and utterly destroyed, and most human beings would have committed suicide by now.
I am trying to work out what to do, I can't go on struggling to make ends meet, exhausted and traumatized and seeing no point in any of it. I am branded, I can't get NHS help and if I am victim or witness in a crime, I will be treated badly by the police.

This is no life. And it takes years to get a Dignitas signature, even if you are successful.
I don't know what to do really. I will have to go on enduring the vainglorious lies of the powerful corrupt clique in the church of england for the rest of my life if I have to go on living, they spitefully pick my wounds every few months with their lies about Christianity and safeguarding.

Someone asked about my recent letter to the deceitful Bishop of Dover, I didn't realise I hadn't posted it.

Concerns regarding the Bishop of Dover, addressed to the Bishop of Dover, The Archbishop of Canterbury, The National Safeguarding Team, SCIE, the Police,  and others.

 Dear Bishop Trevor Willmott,

This letter concerning your conduct is sent with full understanding that the Church of England are currently not safeguarding but are using the image of safeguarding to protect themselves as abuse and corruption continues.

This letter also enclosescontains the complaint sent to you regarding the Jersey Deanery after I was publicly destroyed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop of Winchester after a three year campaign of public discrediting and smearing of me in the press and media by both of them, and you, and the Jersey Deanery, and repeated false claims that safeguarding in Jersey is good, despite the peadophile protectors, abusers, and people who had smeared me remaining, and despite your and the Archbishop's upholding of illegal behaviour, including data protection breaches and illegal access to police records that were already inaccurate and influenced by the powerful inter-conflicted dignitaries of church, judiciary and States of Jersey.

Nothing has changed since the Peter Ball case, apart from the outrageous duplicity of yourself and the Archbishop and Church of England in false claims that safeguarding is good and that things are better. The million pound Jersey and Winchester whitewash while there has been no investigation into the harm to me by the church and police, it proof of that. The fact that no action has been taken against Gavin Ashenden, Peter Ould, Ian LemArquand, Philip Bailhache, Bob and Daphne Key or any other abuser or wrongdoing in my case, while I have been publicly destroyed by the Church and their abuse of power over the press is proof of that.

As the Archbishop publicly masturbates his ego over the Peter Ball case, the question remains, what proof is there of current safeguarding in the current abuse of press and media by the Church? None, indeed the abuse of the press and media to destroy me, by you, and the Archbishop, the Diocese of Winchester and Jersey Deanery is proof that there is no safeguarding and that you don't understand what safeguarding is. This whole matter is best summed up by Jerseyman Mark Foreskitt in his recent blog as a result of the recent duplicity over the Peter Ball case, this is unmissable reading:

I have, as I discussed in a previous letter, applied to attend Dignitas, to be humanely put to sleep, as the suffering that you and the circle of corrupt and collusive Bishops, Archbishop and interconflicted Dignitaries and police, is too much for a human being to live with. I am concerned that you failed to respond to my request for help with the costs, considering that the damage that you and your associates committed against me amounts to attempted murder. A strong and whole person wouldn't withstand three years of being publicly and permanently ruined as I have been, and I live now only to finish telling my story before I die. I would be grateful to your contribution to the costs of finishing off the ending of my life that you have played such a part in.

Back to my safeguarding concerns against you, which as yet the National Safeguarding Team are afraid to address, they are unable to stand up to you or the Archbishop or the Bishop of Winchester as it is more than their job is worth, and they have said as much, they know very well that grave wrongdoing has been committed among you and that all reports into my case were conflicted whitewashes and that they are not allowed to deal with your or your safeguarding director Elaine Rose's criminal actions and collusion with the conflicted Jersey Safeguarding partnership and associated conflicted police, judiciary and states members, but this letter will never be deleted and eventually the Church of England will be forcibly overseen from the outside because there has been no improvement in this corruption and lack of safeguarding since the Peter Ball case, and then, eventually, although I will have died with my suffering and anguish, you can make headline news along with the current Archbishop and Bishop of Winchester in the same way that Peter Ball and George Carey have made headlines this week.

Safeguarding won't be good or seen to be good until the full weight of corruption and collusion and abuse of the press and illegal actions and misleading of the general public by you and the archbishop and Bishops is exposed and you are removed.

Now, belatedly as this is how I write, I will get to the very root of your safeguarding failures.
Juliet Montague, who was actively involved in helping the Jersey Deanery, the Scott-Joynts and Jane Fisher to destroy me, was your friend, you companion, and as she walked the dog with me as I was also her companion and confidante, she told me that it was you that she turned to every time there was a problem, she told me that this was because you were in love with her, while the 'snobs at Wolvsley' couldn't care less about her problems, including her marriage problems, which she always ran to you about. Do you remember? Fred's impotence since she denied him sex? Sally accusing Fred of abuse? And then finally, Fred sexually abusing me?

Now, which of the million pound whitewash reports reports in detail your involvement in this? Which one tells of your 'close' friendship with Juliet, and which report documents how you did nothing about me being sexually abused by Fred Montague, but used Juliet's side of things with your Jersey Deanery, to destroy me?
Now, I know the National Safeguarding Team are not allowed to challenge you, they are only allowed to be complicit and uphold you and the collusive and corrupt Bishops and Archbishop in their illegal behaviour, even if it means driving a vulnerable adult to suicide, as you nearly have, but this matter is not to be laid to rest, nor is the serious danger that the Jersey Deanery currently pose to the vulnerable as well as the danger that you and your colleagues pose to the vulnerable. And indeed nothing was done about the Montagues, Fred and his chums upholding him laughed at me in the street after Fisher and the Scott-Joynts had me imprisoned, left homeless, destroyed and destitute, while my abusers laughed.
If you are not going to step down, you must be investigated, as must your colleagues. As well as being dishonest in the press and media, your bias in my case and upholding of every abuser and wrongdoer means that you pose a risk to the vulnerable.

And apparently you think some social lunches for the narrow minded wrongdoers and old wealthy at the town church club with 'safeguarding training' while your deanery remain unpunished, unrepentant and not even called to account for their wrongs means that safeguarding in Jersey is good. You haven't a clue about abuse and safeguarding, neither have your middle class and badly behaved congregation, and you are still employing two peadophile protectors and a load of clergy and laity who have harmed a vulnerable adult and behaved in Godless and psychopathic ways to protect themselves from punishment or justice or even fair investigation. Even your 'close friendship' with vulnerable adult Juliet Montague, while both you and she were married, is questionable.

Make sure this whole matter is referred to an independent safeguarding body, make sure that what happened to me is investigated and recorded, and step down, you aren't acting for God, you aren't moral or honest, and thus you are being hypocritical, a money-grabbing burden on society, who is guilty of terrible things but made me take the punishment, and you and your congregation under your leadership pose a danger to the vulnerable.
I have to add, that gift that the Jersey Deanery gave you for protecting them from justice, the jewel encrusted gold staff, presented in the view of press and media by the wealthy and narrow-minded old congregation, it says it all about what the Church are and aren't and I would like you to sit down and think about that as you write your resignation or retirement speech. And make sure you report Bob and Daphne Key for their criminal actions at the same time.

For me it is too late for justice or peace, you helped to destroy me, but I speak, and write, for the sake of other vulnerable people and victims, I am a lone voice against your and Welby and Butler's fake safeguarding campaign, and my last wish is to see it shattered and see you all rightfully made to step down for your harm to me and denial of justice.


- the victim of repeat church abuses who you publicly and utterly destroyed for the sake of the church's image.

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