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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Hi peeps,
I need to see a doctor really,

send me a million pounds, I am not going to struggle with NHS doctors as they have not helped much.
My insides hurt, and it is not because I have eaten a lot or anything.
It took the NHS doctors a few years to realise I had a bleeding ulcer an a hernia etc, even though I kept going to them and telling them blood and vomit. Humpf. I have paid for my own physiotherapy because otherwise I would be in a lot more difficulty than I am, waiting for months for an NHS appointment as I did.
And I am homeless.
And yet private treatment is more effective and I am treated better by private medical people.

ouch, I don't want to be examined.

The NHS is great in a way, because I have lived in a country where every GP appointment cost £40 and dental treatment was too expensive to think about. But I am not getting much help from the NHS right now. I am paying to be assessed by the clinical psychologist in January.
Never mind food, I need medical help.

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