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Sunday, 13 May 2018


Good evening peeps,

So you are waiting to hear how today went.

It went pretty well.

Well this morning the alarms went off at 4am and my tired body and mind protested roundly. I had to put the heavy machine on my neck before I could do anything.
I showered, dressed, had tea, forgot my breakfast, and hurried to farm duties. I had weighed  the feeds out yesterday afternoon, so it all got done quickly.

Then off I went to my marshaling point. I arrived at 5.55 and met the head marshal for that point and my two fellow marshals.
To start with I stood with another marshal as we directed traffic, and then the lines moved up and I directed up from the bottom of the road on my own.
The head marshal went and got coffees, so I had a nice sugary coffee, I know I don't have sugar any more but this was a special occasion.

It was a cold morning early on and I was in a short sleeved work shirt with boots and jeans and hi viz, but as time went on, the sun grew warm and I was just the right temperature, until the next martial moved to another point and I moved up. Then I was back in the shade.
Technically I can't martial, because I can't stand, but it's the same as gardening to the end of the season, I don't want to give in to the problems. My left ankle has developed the same problem as the right, so now the knee and ankle are both bad, but anyway, there was plenty of time for stretches on my legs and walking up and down a little bit.
And after a while I was just running a cheeky commentary on the whole show and hoping the drivers had their windows wound up, and I did a bit of a dance here and there, made a number of people laugh. It was fun, volunteering at events makes me very cheeky, changes my character.

Anyway, eventually the need for marshals at our point was over and the next point was well staffed, so our marshals dispersed home or to other parts of the events, and I was undecided, and eventually decided to go for an all day breakfast, seeing as I had missed my breakfast.
I had a tasty old breakfast at one of my fave cafes, and spent some time down at the sea wall, there were sailing and free water based activies going on, but it would be stupid for me to even try at the moment.

I came home, did whatever chores were on my list, cleaning my room, washing up, the week's work list, packing tomorrow's bag, then I put a DVD on and unsurprisingly fell asleep, I slept the rest of the afternoon into the evening and woke at about 8.20, groggy and confused.
I did some supper and enlisted some help in printing tomorrow's ticket as my printer was out of ink, shouldn't happen as it emails the suppliers when it needs ink, but guess where the ink is sent? Not here but to my mail handlers, who I have not collected my post from this week.

Anyway, so the ticket got printed and I am all set for tomorrow. Not a terribly early start as my appointment is late lunchtime in London, but it is a long old journey to London from here.

Phew, busy busy, farm duties finished, mowing done, marshaling done, London to go, and then back to the relatively normal working week, maybe.
Next week I have PIP assessment one day and dental checkup the next, I will be so headachy.

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