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Friday, 18 May 2018


Good evening peeps,

The blogs are statting up, someone wants an update.
The trip to London and the treatment really exhausted me, and sent me into relapse. So I have been in an exhausted fog all week. I had to have Tuesday off, and I worked from Wednesday, and will work half day tomorrow as well as driving shifts tomorrow and Sunday, and the Royal Wedding and World Cup will mean the shifts are mad, dangerous with drunk drivers and people, but probably very lucrative, which is good as Max has his MOT on Monday.

I did two quiet driving shifts this week, and I didn't work hard until today when I did heavy work, unfortunately my lower back has not responded well to treatment so as usual, staggering and in pain, but my neck did respond well, so it hasn't been too bad, I have been sleeping well and waking in the morning with that funny blank where the pain should be.

Max went in for safety test, but they came out with nothing that would directly fail the MOT, a few things that may indirectly fail it, but we won't know until the day, because the car's best friend scoffed and said he will change the sidelight bulb and put the car through as it is and see what it fails on and just do the work on that. Fair enough, I am just trying to put the money together for any repairs needed. Max is said to be in good shape considering his age and it is all just wear and tear. It  means monday will be mad, with MOT and me in for PIP assessment, I believe I am the last person to be transferred from DLA to PIP and it has taken months already.

I am delaying the rest of the spine surgery until the car costs are all sorted and until PIP is awarded, and until I am back from Wales, I have a London run when I get back anyway, may as well combine that and the spinal treatment, then technically I don't have to pay for the journey, although I have fare vouchers for one leg of the journey and I now have a disabled coach card as well for that leg.

Tomorrow I will do the care home and one of the property contracts, I won't watch the Royal Wedding but I will have the afternoon off before doing what will probably be the most crazy evening shift ever.
I am still too tired, still in relapse really. Well, the shock of treatment as well as that long journey to and from London, it is hardly surprising.

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