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Saturday, 19 May 2018


Hey peeps,

You won't believe it.
Max decided to break down on the biggest and busiest roundabout in the district.

He always does something before the MOT.

The big roundabout, one of the only ones in our district, is in town, near the police station. There is a box junction area, and we were lucky that it was a Saturday, the Royal Wedding, and there was no car behind us. Max's throttle cable snapped. I panicked, last time someone broke down there, the police whopped them with a mallet and slapped a ticket on the car. I think they impounded it too. It is not a clever place to break down.

I rolled Max onto the grass beside the road and gathered my thoughts, texted the car's best friend and my landlord, and thought about it. If I waited, the police would see me, and my history of the police violence and unjust treatment meant that I needed to get gone. I made a decision, to move Max on engine power, round the roundabout to the car park, not an easy one, and bound to annoy the hell out of people. It did annoy people, it was risky, but I managed it. Surprisingly Max actually rolled up the hill off the road as well. Once parked, I had a conversation with the car's best friend, and went to find something to drink as the sun was baking and I was stressed.

I had been heading for work as well, as I need every penny for the MOT and repairs.

The car's best friend was there in minutes, he only lives up the hill from the roundabout.
He did a makeshift on the throttle, and I drove Max after his van down to the industrial estate, where we got a cable and fixed it.

I will always remember the Royal Wedding as being a time when I was sat in a baking hot car park while the car was fixed, and occasionally I had to help with getting the cable into place. I am not good with hot sun, so I don't feel great, it seems like the sun will never stop shining now, and I find that hard, sunshine is beautiful but it makes me ill.

Annoying and frustrating, by  the time the cable was done, the Royal Wedding was over, and I was off back to work. Although I was so hot and tired I had to cut my work short anyway, as I needed to rest before this evening's shift. So, today didn't go well, and the cable repair has cost me what extra money I had put together on top of the MOT fee, so I have no more money over for any other MOT failure repairs. And I have the rent and a bill to pay as well as the MOT stuff.
At least the breakdown happened before the MOT and not during it.

I am trying to relax because the shift will be busy. I finished watching a box set drama called 'Safe' which was interesting, I don't watch many tv dramas these days. I am watching Maid in Manhatten now, and I have done some music reviews and put in a request for a payout for the end of the week, there has been absolutely nothing in the article writing line this week, and I have been so tired that it felt like I have done nothing.

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