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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Thursday - Easter Holidays!

Good evening peeps,

I am off duty, home from work, home for the holidays. I am in my pyjamas and my work clothes are in the wash, supper is on, and there is a very smug little car sitting outside and showing off his four new tyres, at last!

Excuse the lack of update, I have been busy working and aching, making sure I could have a holiday this Easter.

I have done well, working hard without getting sick, and with very little by way of painkillers or any other pain treatments. My body is kind of happy as well as aching, the work is beginning to override the barriers and become the norm.

Today I headed off to do my first garden, grateful for the lack of school traffic, it allows me to be more lazy as getting to work is quicker.
My old lady on the clifftop was at the hospital so I got on with my work and she made me tea when she got home.
Then I went to get petrol, got Max hoovered and sorted at the petrol station, headed towards town and stopped to eat my lunch in a layby. Unfortunately I got crumbs on my newly hoovered car, damn.

I was hoping it would all work out so Max would be done at lunchtime and then I could go to the next job in my home town, as the tyre centre is between the morning job and my home town where the afternoon job was, but unfortunately the courier with my tyres had been delayed, they said he was due, he would come today, but they didn't know when.
So we arranged that the tyre place would phone me and in the meantime I would go and get on with my afternoon work, not ideal as it meant a trip back, and the tourist traffic was causing massive volumes of traffic - we get awful tourist traffic and each winter we forget it until Easter when it all starts again.

I was heading out away from the tourist traffic, so going out was OK, and I did a few hours work in my home town, reduced the hours due to needing to get back to the tyre place afterwards. And that was the end of work for Easter, but I couldn't celebrate and go home as I had to go back to thew tyre place as the Easter bank holiday rush hour approached and the tourists were still like ants, stupid directionless ants.
My tyres came in and I took the back road to get to the tyre place in good time.

You know I have reactive attachment disorder? Well I don't bond with people, I do bond with cars, and I have only ever handed Max and Florence over to the Car's best Friend for repairs or anything, so handing Max over to a mechanic was scary.
But I was relieved to finally get him his tyres, so I sat in the waiting room, peeping nosily out the window as they worked on Max and drinking delicious hot chocolate and reading my paper and my book.

I haven't checked yet but I think they did as I asked and swapped the best of his old tyres for the spare tyre as the spare had a puncture, but soon he was re-tyred and ready to go.

I drove off cautiously, but Max was fine, he didn't feel much different, maybe more solid and grippy and steering and braking well.

The roads were jammed, so I drove back out the back way, but even out there it was beginning to stack up, stupid caravans and things.

Eventually I got home. And it was on with the dinner, work clothes in the wash, and now I have to shower and get on with everything that ever needed doing, you know what I'm like, a holiday is the time to get everything else done.

Yesterday I did the mansion in the morning and the farm in the afternoon. I got to the farm and started the garden, and I got a text saying 'I am upstairs with the cat, having kittens, can you check the ewe and lamb in the barn?'

I did not inquire as to if it was the cat having kittens or the lady, I simply went and checked the sheep. The sheep were fine, and that was the last of the lambs, thank God. The cat had five kittens.

Last night I went shopping and enjoyed the sunset, normally I am hiding in my nest when the sun sets so I just see the glow from the window.

On Tuesday I went to work for my old lady, then off to look at these gardens that the property owners and managers who own the mansion own, there was more work than I thought, especially when mowing the lawns was added to my schedule in a few weeks time as well as another property of theirs that I have worked at before. But on Tuesday I just went to the garden centre, got shrubs and created a beautiful new shrub border, I hope the shrubs survive, this very dry weather is causing chaos for me, trying to keep people's plants alive and trying to dig borders that are too try to dig, and the harsh dry soil makes my hands sore.

Anyway, the last garden of Tuesday was my old mate, his garden was in a state, I re-gravelled and weeded and swept and composted and worked hard.

Anyway, here I am, with a four day holiday after surviving my first month of full time work. And Max has his tyres. It is a pity I had to cancel the blue bike's service due to work committments, I couldn't drop off or collect the bike, and I am taking public transport to see my adoptives on Saturday, I could have done with the blue bike to bike to the terminus.

Lets have some Easter.

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