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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Hey peeps,

It is Saturday and I have been at work today, so I get a merit badge, and some boiled sweets.

It has been a warm day, and I always find that working on Saturdays is more relaxed than working in the week, it feels Saturdayish even as you work.

This morning I was extremely relieved to wake from a nightmare about Jersey, the Jersey Deanery and Jane Fisher, I woke up gasping. I was so relieved it was a nightmare.

I staggered to get my cuppa and I put the television on as it is the weekend and that is allowed. Great Expectations was on, and it was nice to watch some of that.

Then off to work I went.

I was pretty much alone, quietly weeding and pruning in the morning, a flying lunch and some shopping in town at lunchtime. I forgot to get rice or toilet rolls as I am a bit disorganized at the moment, but then it was on to the next lot of work, mainly mowing this time.

I finished at 5pm and came home aching and feeling pleased to have worked.
I went back out for toilet rolls and rice when I had washed and changed, and then I tried to find something on TV but apart from the Big Bang Theory, nothing worth watching has been on.

The flat needs a damn good clean and tidy, and I have the next two days off, so it will get done.

My hands are so dry from working in dry drought-ridden soil, I have to use moisture cream and things. When I was crossing the intersection, the radio told me there is heavy rain tomorrow afternoon and I yelled 'Yipee!' and startled everyone.

I just did an invoice for the rental properties and sent that. Us self-employed people have paperwork, unlike you employed people who have all the paperwork done for you, maybe.

The car's best friend just caught me out by emailing to say he would service and MOT Max on Friday. I decided that despite wanting to get it over with, trying to do it during another four-day week due to the bank holiday, and with the team work pushed up, it would be too much, so he has gone for the following week. I think Max will be OK.

I have a dilemma, it is nearly bed time and I am tired. My house rule is no computer or tablet in the bedroom or at bed time, and yet I have anew book on Kindle that I so want to read, what shall I do?

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