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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thursday morning

Good morning peeps,

Well I was tired last night so I just went to bed as normal.

And I slept pretty much as normal. In fact my sleep was peaceful, and I didn't take my bite guard out during the night.

But it was strange because for some reason, I turned the lamp on during the night, and I barely remember doing it and don't remember why, I just remember something woke me and I thought it was morning and I switched the lamp on, but I hadn't switched the alarm off, thankfully.
While the lamp was on, I drifted in sleep and dreams, and still kept waking to look at the clock and be puzzled that it wasn't morning and the lamp was on.
I know the lamp was off when I went to sleep, and I am curious about having switched it on in my sleep but not having taken my bite guard out in my sleep like I often do.

I dreamed peacefully of the Channel Islands and some old friends.
And I woke to my mate texting me to make sure I was OK, just before the alarms started.
It was all rather strange and different but peaceful.

I went out to do the papers but the car was frosted over, and icy frost too, so I de-iced and did the papers.
I went to stand on the cliff and look at the sea in the dark, the moon was out, we have had lovely full moon and clear starry skies recently.

I still feel peaceful, but sad.
This is a normal neurotypical reaction to a death, I think.
What I found hard was that my friend made an effort to be OK for Christmas and has been sleeping most of the time since then, but I hadn't heard anything from her family for weeks and was reluctant to contact them but kind of waiting for any news was too hard. They said it was family only in those last few weeks, and I respected that.

The darkness of the early mornings is beginning to decrease slightly now, the burds are making a joyful racket at the moment. I feel like sleeping or driving, but I must complete my assignment.

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