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Friday, 22 January 2016


Good morning,

Well I slept quite well and woke up to a windy, rainy day.

Before doing the papers I had various emails and office things to do, but there is no hurry, I have between 6am and 7.30 to turn up at the shop for my papers, unlike when I was doing the rural routes and had to be there, at the other end of the bay, for 6.30. I normally get there for 6.30ish, but this time I was a bit later, and it was local paper day, but no hurry.
I was back here by about 7.25, having stopped for food and coins for the electric meter on the way.
I have been getting through a lot of electricity recently in the cold weather, just trying to keep myself and the flat warm.

So here I am in a clean and tidy flat, it is getting light and the wind and rain continues.
I have gym and maybe swim this morning, I am always trying to figure out what causes relapses and I am worried that swimming may be a factor. I used to have bad relapses when I swum regularly, so maybe it asks too much of my body.
Yesterday was a relapse day, everything I tried to do was like swimming in treacle, so I was on painkillers and 5HTP.
In the evening I went to the gym just to get out of the house, and I did 10 minutes on the treadmill.
And I have been catching up with Hollyoaks online as I am still without a television.

I gather that the church of england are deciding for us whether or not we should be in the EU, I think as non-church of england people are in a massive majority now, we should decided if the church of england should stay in the UK, I mean, Jersey is the waste bin for their clergy, Jersey is a rich finance industry place, so why don't we deport the church of england to the channel islands? Then they won't have to worry about the EU.
Isn't it funny that Senator Gorst thinks he has any right to speak about the EU? Jersey isn't in the EU, and you get all those furious Jerseymen spluttering about England being a foreign country and forgetting that they use our hospitals and other facilities with impunity.

ranting? :)

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