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Monday, 2 February 2015

Monday Night

Good evening,

Unfortunately I am quite unwell again, the exact same virus symptoms.

Anyway, this morning I went to the horsys, I felt unwell and very unfocussed because of the recent Diocese and Deanery fiasco, but nonetheless, the people who run the therapy urged me to come along as they felt it would help me, and they were right, and I wasn't the only unfocussed person there either, I have learned not to wander off and to do my best to focus and behave normally when I am stressed and unsettled, but this other lad kept wandering off and having to be fetched back.
We had a lovely morning, stable duties to start with, followed by teamwork exercises with the ponies.
One pony was in the stable behind me and he tried to make me jump by coming up behind me and snorting, but I know all about ponies so I knew he was there, and I stroked his nose.

Then I got the bus into town and went to see my pals at the chattery shop.
They are of the opinion, as I am, that I need a new flat.
Yes, but I am ill, so not today.
I shouldn't have gone wandering in the cold. I am really unwell now. I have sent the doctor a message for tomorrow as I have all the same symptoms as before, severe sore throat, chest infection and coughs include blood (which in my case is the norm but you have to tell them), but I am tired and shivery as well. I know now that if I do not work out why this is recurring, it will keep recurring, which is not good for my lungs.
I am in bed with the heater pulled up by the bed.
God, I feel awful.

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