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Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday evening

Good evening,

I am too tired to write, but the NAS have taken to viewing this blog regularly as well as the other one, to see how many metaphors I use (shedloads).

Yesterday evening, after finding out that the Dean was demanding his whitewash report, I went to the welfare, had a meal and some tea and pudding, chatted to various people and came home.

I was unsettled and distressed so not much of my planned writing got done, I never finished my short story for the competition.

I didn't sleep well and woke up ill this morning, so I had to leave a message for the stables to say that I wouldn't be in for equine therapy, otherwise known as 'seeing my horsys'.

The stables emailed me later saying I had managed a clear answerphone message and they were pleased ( because they know I can struggle with both kinds of dysphasia and slurring my words, and their answer machine isn't always clear).

I was deeply sad to miss my horsys, the stables always tell me that I should try to come in if I feel bad as it should help me, but not this morning, I was too ill.

But I am not good at sitting around, so I did as I learned on the WRAP course and started my tasks, slowly and surely, getting myself showered and dressed, doing bacon and eggs, making the bed and generally getting on with things as the weather turned bad.

I biked along the seafront, and it was deserted in the rain and gloom, after a weekend of sunshine and crowds of people out there. I was so tired and ill that I had to push the bike home though, and I just wanted to go back to bed.
But I stayed awake, and I wrote an Open letter to the Dean of Jersey, and circulated that. It is available on the other blog.

I felt better after that.

I had been due to do more training in steaming clothes at the shop this afternoon, but I had cancelled it because I had though that that as well as horses in the morning and going out in the evening would be too much for me, so I had no horses and no training, and the training was now due on Wednesday, so I ended up with a quiet day to recover, and although I really didn't feel like it, I did go out to join my friends this evening.

I hadn't even been to the gym or picked up my prescriptions today.

I set out on the bus to meet my friends, the bus stop I got off at was near where I was to go, but being unfamiliar with the place, I lost my way a bit, bumped into some nice people also lost and seeking the same place, and together we found the place.
My friends were waiting and a chair was waiting, which was good, as the place got crowded.

Well, we had an awesome time! :) This was an astronomy event. The leader came in saying that no matter what they did, the weather was always bad on the day and only on the day, we had a lovely weekend and tomorrow is due fine, but this evening the weather was miserable.
The leader gave a stunning talk, it was awesome, and then, to everyone's delight, the sky cleared for long enough for us to view the constellations by telescopes of various sizes and strengths, and we were able to ask questions and get information.

After a few hours, I was tired and wanted to get the bus, as they only run every hour. So I had a cuppa and chat with my gang, and then headed home, stopping at the supermarket for provisions, and here I am exhausted and for some reason procrastinating about going to bed. The cat doesn't mind, because he wants to keep the bed all to himself.

I am so tired these days, and yet, I am due out again tomorrow night, and now I have been roped into a quiz on Thursday night.
Tomorrow I am working at the shop, and I have taken up my music practice again since I got the keyboard, so life is very full, and yet the Church of England are putting everything I do and my whole new life at risk of being destroyed.
Tell them off would you?

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