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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Good morning peeps,

Well yesterday evening I was increasingly tense as I had no food and I was worried about that meeting which went ahead last night.

I went to church but the old vicar was in a  mood and would not even stand still to talk, so never mind him praying about anything. I ended up staying for Bible study, which wasn't very interesting this time. I ended up very discouraged and low.

So I went for my walk and then tried to sleep but I was tense, I didn't sleep deeply, I dreamed a lot.
I woke this morning at about 7am, it was a clear morning and the fat spider who has been biting me was crawling around, I am sure he is to blame, spider bites are bad because they contain poison and don't heal quick, I have several now, stoopid fat spider, I will swat him one day.

Anyway, I knew it was a thin day, with no prospects of food or hot drinks, but despite this and having not eaten since yesterday lunchtime, I felt ok, I had no symptoms of hypoglycemia, I didn't even feel hungry, but I know hypoglycemia can hit like a bomb and make me faint, so I decided defeatedly to go and search for food and stickers.
I was in luck, I found sugar sachets and ate one of those, then I found a bottle of lucozade, isn't it funny how those turn up when I need them?
I also gathered enough pennies and tuppences for a pack of 23p biscuits from the small supermarket where they are kind and accept the small change.
I found enough stickers for a cup of tea and so I had tea and ate half the biscuits for breakfast, the rest are for lunch.

I don't know the full story of the meeting but the faint whisper is that the person who has been stirring the trouble got a slight kick in the teeth. That is a rumour.

It would seem that I am giving evidence on Tuesday next week.

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