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Friday, 18 January 2013

Hey peep peeps,

My mood score is 22, which is higher than my average of 21.3 and better than yesterdays 18, but these scores are out of 100. Humpf. And my mood is up because of the snow.

This morning I decided that seeing as the snow has closed the world down and I have been through a rough patch recently and this bed and breakfast is cheap and is good for the price and comfortable, I would stay on for a few nights.
There was no sign of the nice man this morning but there was a nice lady instead, she cooked me some breakfast and commented on the weather as the snow fell thickly outside the breakfast room window and so I asked her if I could stay on if I gave her a deposit and she said yes.
I had a lovely breakfast, left my things in the room and went to get the rest of the money.
I got the money and so I have the room until Sunday morning now.
It is an unheated room but it isn't cold, it is just right, the bed is firm and the pillow is firm and I didn't suffer any pain or illness as a result of sleeping here last night, there is loads of tea and the shower is lovely so this is good.

Anyway, I went out into the snow this morning, I couldn't persuade myself to wear a hat or gloves or my top jacket, it didn't seem cold.
I went to the library and had a browse, and realised I felt like I was on holiday.
I went round the shops and I noticed that the trains were still running, slowly and carefully, some delays and cancellations.
The road into town was closed and I walked along it as it was safer than the pavement - for me anyway, I think the ice on the hill was dangerous for the cars.
People were building snowmen and a snow lady with a waist and a bust! :)

I went to the coffee shop and was served by a delightful young man who was very nice and gave me extra hot chocolate and chatted about the weather. I sat and read the papers and realised how quiet it was.
Yes, town was an autistic person's dream, the snow made what traffic there was quiet and it was quiet and uncrowded and peaceful and cool and beautiful, I had a lovely time daydreaming round the shops and I went to the supermarket and got a reduced cheese and salad roll for 50p and some reduced cake for 50p so that was a nice lunch and I ate it at the top of the multi-storey car park, looking out on the snowy landscape.

The only thing I didn't do was build a snowman, well I haven't yet.
I have been too tired to do much, even though I slept well and am fed, I don't feel very lively and I am back at the bed and breakfast now and I will go to sleep in a minute for a while.

Following the advice of people on the psychological support forum that I now use, I am going to try some natural remedies to help combat the depression.

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