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Thursday, 8 March 2012

good morning bloggytypepeople,

well the first night in a new town you can expect a hard and sleepless night.
But it is much worse when someone pinches your sleeping bag and blankets and spare clothes.

I went looking for a sleeping place last night and found a number of potential options, I also checked out a disabled toilet in case I wasn't sure, went to get my things and they had gone, thankfully I was in full thermals and layers already,  stood aside to let some cyclists past and when they politely thanked me I realised they were police officers :)
Then I went to the disabled toilet. Someone else already inhabits it and they were in there and not too pleased at being disturbed, so I tried the one just round the corner, it isn't as luxurious but it was certainly better than nothing.

So I bedded down, one emergency blanket on the ground and one covering me, certainly as good as it gets when you are left stranded with your stuff pinched, it is hard to bed down on a hard floor and the thing that kept me awake most was having to change position all the time, those blankets make a racket when you move.
Anyway, I dozed in shifts, as you do when you are in such a situation, and I was geared up for not much sleep last night anyway as I didn't know how successful I would be in finding a sleeping place.

I am most upset about my hot paws socks from canada being nicked, I loved them.
my night was full of distress, distress at leaving my friends and my town, and horrific bad memories about the church.

The good thing about waking up in a disabled toilet is that you can immediately have a good old wash and start to warm up and recover, so I did.

Then I came to McD's and am drinking tea, you know it is a bad town cos the tea is 89p, the price is always, 89, 99 or 1.19 depending on the general state of the town. :)

The police are outside questioning some kids, at 6am in the morning!

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