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Monday, 19 March 2012

Good morning bloggypeople, sorry I was stressful yesterday.

I managed to catch up with a number of people yesterday though, V., my bad jokes pal and various others.

I went to see the samaritans because I was upset about my old friend continuing the fight. I got one of the decent quality samaritans, so that was ok.

I went to soup kitchen last night, to ask if they had blankets and to catch up with everyone.
They said they had no blankets there, but if I met them at the centre after soup kitchen they would find me some.
The rain stopped and left everything wet and the temperature dropped to freezing.

P's female friend was at soup kitchen, she looked cold and scared, I think she is scared to go home, I asked how P. was and she said 'fragile', I am not sure what that meant, but we had a natter and kept each other company, there were a load of drunk hostel boys at soup kitchen, and a fight nearly broke out.

I met the soup kitchen staff and got two knitted blankets and another hat.

It was cold late night as I went to the loos and then looked for cardboard, I found a big slab of cardboard but it took time to decide where to tuck down, but I enjoyed walking through the cold quiet streets with the clear starry sky overhead.
I ended up in my porch at midnight, tucked down, wrapped up in scarves and jumpers, balaclava and hat, sleeping bag and blankets, but really it wasn't a warm enough blanket pile and I dozed lightly until 5.30 and then scrambled and headed to McD's after stashing my stuff, I had enough stickers for a cuppa, so I sat for about an hour in McD's and drank tea and read the papers, then I went to the market for my breakfast, a cuppa or two with some peanut butter on toast.

Then I went to the shopping centre and used a disabled toilet as a washroom, washed, cut and scrubbed my nails, felt clean and smart in another new top.
Went back to the market, more tea and then it is library time, I am trying to do some work but this row yesterday is upsetting me.

This morning as I walked into town, there was a shrine outside the lads hostel, one of them has died, how?
I also saw P's female friend again, I am worried now, surely she isn't sleeping rough because of fear at home and P. being a prat? I hope not, she is too nervous and vulnerable, excuse me being patronizing!

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