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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Good morning bloggypeople,
Well it has been a busy time.
After library yesterday it was so cold and I had nowhere to go, so I used my bus pass and buzzed about on a bus until soup kitchen.
Soup kitchen was explosive because some of the people were high on drugs and alcohol.
Soup kitchen was also very annoying because they forgot the milk this time, so I got hot water and sugar off them and brewed my own coffee J
Three people at soup kitchen were significantly causing problems, and a few others were dragging their dogs into the crowd and the dogs were getting trodden on and the owners were getting aggressive instead of leaving their dogs tied to the posts.
But the real trouble was a very high African man who was behaving unpredictably, the female immigrant who usually barges and shoves and is rude but who was worse than ever, and then a man who was just out of prison and trying to get with the drunk immigrant woman and was backing her up in her behaviour.
The immigrant woman ended up having a cup of soup tipped over her, and the man who was trying to be with her was raging to the soup kitchen that it was a racist attack, while the longstanding soup kitchen clients assured him that it was not a racist attack it was simply because the woman is a brute and a bully and someone got sick of being hit and shoved by her.
Apart from the three main problem people everyone was getting stressed, and people were threatening people and growling at each other.
After soup kitchen there was a wait until the late night outreach,
I considered going on the buses again for a while, but I decided not to as they are infrequent and I might not get back in time, waiting around is awkward for me because of my legs, and it was cold, so I went and watched the fountains for a while, then I sat and looked at the church, Natter came along, he was obviously very wound up about soup kitchen and he was talking to himself about it in a very agitated way, then he decided to measure out the churchyard and sight the church up to see how correct the architecture, I agree with him, the church spires are not level.
Anyway, soon it was time for outreach, only a few people were there, which was hopeful, but sadly it didn’t stay peaceful.
The outreach gave us each a bag and came round giving everyone equal shares of food, then they did gloves and socks and hats and scarves, there was bad tea and bad coffee, I didn’t get a decent drink of tea yesterday.
Anyway, they enquired who I was and why, as all outreach do.
They gave me a sleeping bag that was supposed to be good and three season, but it sadly turned out a disappointment as I will tell you later.
Anyway, the troublemakers turned up. And trouble began.
The female immigrant was going mad and slapped one of her fellow immigrants, a peaceful young man who looked startled and backed off, she went to slap him again and the outreach intervened.
A nice scouser pikey and hs girlfriend turned up and chatted to the staff and had a cuppa, the immigrant launched on them, backed up by the man who wants to get with her, a fight involving chairs and road cones ensued, the African man who had been generally shouting, rabble rousing and doing mad press ups while shouting about his county joined in the fight and the outreach broke it up and took the scouser and his girlfriend to a distance to talk to them, the man who was defending the immigrant decided I was the next target because I was quiet and alone, he took to calling me weird and grabbing at Patrick, so I told him with added F-words that I only use on aggressive men that I was not his victim and that his fawning on the immigrant was weird. He was immediately silenced and a member of outreach came and stood between us and asked what was going on and I told them.
The female immigrant was told to leave several times but didn’t, and she and the African man continued to cause upsets but not so bad, the third man faded into the background but whined that he would be set upon when he left the outreach, I hope he was, he needs a good kicking, stirring trouble and encouraging and picking fights, he was sober, the other two were out of their heads.
Anyway, I headed off to sleep, the temperature had gone back up, it was midnight when I got to my sleeping place and decided to test my new sleeping bag without putting the duvet on top.
The new sleeping bag was narrow, not warm or comfortable, the old one was better, I only dozed, until 3am, when I got up and had a pee and put my old sleeping bag on top of the new one and tucked back into the new one, slept warm and cozy and dreamed about the church and their huge corrupt and dishonest power.
I woke up gloomy from that but did not dwell into terrors, which is the difference between being indoors in any form and outdoors, the terrors do not hold on.
Got up, packed, put some clothes ready for washing, got rid of waste food as I walked up to the bus station, used the loo, cleaned my inhalers, got water and went back to brew coffee.
Brewed, grabbed my washing and old sleeping bag and headed for the bus.
Got to the daycentre, listened to the entertaining bickering of the few men who come in for breakfast, had breakfast, it was egg, sausage, beans and toast, with dishwater tea.
Then it was time for a shower and to put my washing in the machine, the washing cycle is quick and it finished while I was showering, so my things are in the dryer, including Patrick, one sleeping bag, socks and thermals and one jumper.
I am staying at the daycentre for lunch, and then I don’t know.
I just checked my things in the dryer and put them on for longer, poor Patrick will never forgive me for putting him through this ordeal, but I would rather he was clean and upset than dirty and a health hazard. (don’t worry, I know he is a toy, but he has always been hand washed so far).
I am thankful that the weather has not been hot and bright as forecast but cold and grey, the more respite from heat and sun I get the better.
Lunch was bad cottage pie, this place does bad cottage pie or bad soup for lunch L
Still, it’s food.
I think I should get my own teabags and bring them to the daycentre and say I am on decaf, then I will get better tea ;-)
I am very tired.
I am going to get my laundry soon, a clean Patrick and clean thermals and clean sleeping bag, then I will go into town and see if I can make a doctor appointment to check out the checkup J
They are making me eat more cottage pie, not only are they making cottages extinct by putting them in pies, but they are being cruel to me as well ! L
I am being helpful by forcing myself to eat it so they don’t have to throw it away. Ha! At least they made me an individual cup of tea, which is not as bad as the urn tea.
Someone commented that I eat quickly earlier, yes I do, I used to be the slowest eater but now I hoover and gobble in case my food runs away before I have finished J
I got my clothes and Patrick, all clean and nice, Patrick doesn’t seem traumatised, he seems refreshed and plump and happy, he was looking sad and motheaten before.
Before I left the daycentre they had a delivery of clothes, and among those were a load of cotton tops and teeshirts, so now I have lots of good tops and teeshirts so I got to remove my dirty fleece and teeshirt and replace with a clean teeshirt and a smart cotton top.
I came back into town and checked if my registration at the doctors surgery was processed yet but they said no, come back tomorrow, so I am in the library working in private study.

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