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Thursday, 5 April 2018


Good evening peeps,

Well what a funny old day.

Last night I went to my webinar, and it went fine, I have completed the first week of a five week course without problems, but it does get harder.

I had another restless night. Woke tired this morning and later than I hoped.
I got the washing on and waiting for it to finish so I could hang it out. I had to not wash my jeans even though they are muddy, as I have no replacement.

I went to the welfare, they took me to the charity shop, the charity shop had two teeshirts, one overshirt and one sleeveless jacket for me, but no suitable jeans or trousers.

Then the welfare got generous with the food again, and I came home laden down.

It was lunchtime when I got home. So I did lunch, and then there were short articles on the content website, so I completed one and started another before I had to go and do some work.
I went to the village where these two new gardens which are really out of my area are. One of the gardens couldn't be done because the lady is too stressed with visitors, but the other went well, the lady turned out to be a Christian-Author-Gardener, former sailor, volunteer and journalist. She also has lower back and neck troubles similar to mine, but I still have more ability than her, hence me being a helping hand. I am sure you can imagine that we had a lot to talk about. She tragically lost her son to a motorbike accident, I can't even imagine that. Anyway, we did a load of transplanting and edging and I turned the compost.

I was glad to get paid and go and get petrol and essentials, Max runs on empty these days and I can't even afford things I need. I am still not sure that going back to the delivery driving job is a great idea, but it may help financially in the short term, if it doesn't kill Max.

Earlier at the charity shop, the manager was making a fuss of me, she had a bad time as a child too, she wants me to come and volunteer, I am sure you can imagine that I am delighted.

Tomorrow I have the care home and then a new garden clearance to view. And in the evening I will do a driving shift.

I have completed the second short article and taken a longer one, the problem is, even though the earlier article was accepted at once, I am about 7 cents short of the payout threshold because a load of my articles have not been reviewed or accepted yet, and today is deadline day for a payout tomorrow, so after all my hard work, I am probably going to be left without a payout this week.

Now I will be very good and contact my various people and arrange to socialize, I will be like Sheldon Cooper and do so because it is a requirement.

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