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Friday, 13 April 2018


Good evening peeps,

It is nearly tomorrow.

I slept badly last night, woke at 4am and was determined not to get up and end up exhausted in time for my delivery shift.
So I lay there and forced myself to sleep, or tried to. Drifted to sleep as it got light outside, and dozed for a few hours with vivid dreams.

My first task was to get the PIP documents to the post office and send by recorded delivery.
I did that, and then went for my haircut. The first one in over four months, I had to keep cancelling haircuts due to lack of money. This new salon was very busy, I didn't like that, the old one was very quiet, but the old one had gone downhill after being my salon for four years. The new one has done an OK cut, but not quite how I wanted it, but at least it is thinner and shorter, which is what was needed, the thick matted hair was horrible.

I meant to work, but I felt bad, trauma and pain, so I didn't work. I sat in a coffee shop and caught up with writing work, and then sat in a lay-by and read the paper, didn't want to go to the sea or to my friends or anything, it has been like that this week, I think because I am tired.

Eventually I came home, got some writing done, including a new assignment and my first proper query letter for a newspaper article.
And then it was time for the delivery shift.
They texted me to change the start time, and the shift was so quiet that they finished me early or they would have too many drivers. I didn't mind too much.

I got home and there was an email from the DWP that said that they had enough evidence to assess my PIP claim from what they had received so far, which is really unusual, and too late as I have already sent everything today, just to confuse things!

So here I am, I will double the 5HTP dose, and I am legally authorized to, so don't worry, I need sleep, and the higher dose causes muscle and headaches but is harmless, it may make me groggy tomorrow, but not more groggy than those of you who are out partying the weekend away.


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