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Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Bishop of Winchester's latest press stunt, the comments he didn't expect comments on CofE press articles always do at the behest of the CofE

On second thoughts, lets save the comments for eternity. Eventually, someone will point out to the Church that when they do their PR stunts, they get a few blind sheeple holding them up and a few hundred normal people seeing through the PR stunts.

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Southamptonian19602:14am Fri 18 Nov 16
Well said, Bishop Tim! ("In vino veritas").
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Spongewet191:08am Fri 18 Nov 16
Bloody Brexit!!!
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ladysaint5:05am Fri 18 Nov 16
I agree universities should still be encouraged to recruit international students however only the brightest and the best. And they should have the same qualification criteria as uk students. One professor has recently said to me that sometimes as the foreign students pay full fees and massively help the finances of a university you can get wealthy students who affect the quality of the university graduation results as they buy their place rather than earn it through results to gain entry to their course.
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camerajuan Replying ladysaint7:24am Fri 18 Nov 16
This is why it would be against British interests - the overseas students & their seemingly bottomless pit of cash who are willing to spend £800 a month for a room in a purpose built block plus the higher tuition fees.
Score: 1
Miguel Raton5:36am Fri 18 Nov 16
Man with an invisible friend objects to government policy.
Score: 7
Charlie Bucket Replying Miguel Raton10:04am Fri 18 Nov 16
Does his faith mean his opinion doesn't count?
Score: 2
Trap Rap Replying Charlie Bucket10:36am Fri 18 Nov 16
It means his opinion is of lower value as he is more gullible as a citizen. Hence why he supports Remain as well, since he is gullible.
Score: 1
Peteshrimpton Replying Trap Rap2:03pm Fri 18 Nov 16
I think you will find it's the leavers that are gullible, so gullible that the out campaigners themselves couldn't wait to tell you just how gullible you had been the day after the result.
Score: 2
JJNP Replying Charlie Bucket9:43pm Fri 18 Nov 16
He doesn't have faith, he has just spent a million pounds destroying a vulnerable adult publicly and covering up his own misconduct with a high-fee PR firm, Luther-Pendragon. Why was a million pounds of church money used to destroy a vulnerable adult in the press and media?
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richard Grant7:36am Fri 18 Nov 16
How much student accommodation is under construction?
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Shoong urges you To Get to the Choppaaaa!!! Replying richard Grant4:31pm Fri 18 Nov 16
Wrong city Richard.
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userds50508:31am Fri 18 Nov 16
Perhaps the Reverand should be more concerned with the residents in Stanmores lives' being made a misery by drunk students urinating, vomitting and having sex in the street.
Score: 2
Peteshrimpton Replying userds50508:41am Fri 18 Nov 16
Hey, lets all go to Stanmore, sounds like there are wild parties every night.
Score: 1
foresthorse Replying userds50508:58am Fri 18 Nov 16
My son's at university, and if he wasn't urinating, vomiting and having sex in the street I'd be demanding my money back!
Score: 4
camerajuan Replying userds505010:18am Fri 18 Nov 16
Is this a ticketed event or can anyone attend?
Score: 3
SilvanDryad Replying userds50501:22pm Fri 18 Nov 16
What's a reverand?
Score: 1
userds5050 Replying SilvanDryad3:49pm Fri 18 Nov 16
Pulling people up on spelling mistakes, when you don't have anything useful to say, is so passé in 2016 #GrammarNazi
Last edited: 4:21pm Fri 18 Nov 16
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Count Alarcos Replying userds50505:08pm Fri 18 Nov 16
You obviously don't know about Stanmore - the 30 youths who were causing all sorts of problems around the Wavell Way shops some years ago weren't students but local kids. Nessie from Mildmay Street who was selling heroin was also local so don't think that its just students who cause problems. Most people in Stanmore (including the students) are upstanding responsible folk but to try and say that it's only students who are anti-social is very hitleresque and quite worrying.
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userds5050 Replying Count Alarcos5:35pm Fri 18 Nov 16
I'm only repeating what Stanmore residents have told the local and national press. Obviously there was crime on the Stanmore estate before the studentification of the area but it must have gotten worse if people are moving out as a result. Also to compare criticism of students with the holocaust is pretty poor IMHO.
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For pity sake Replying SilvanDryad6:13pm Fri 18 Nov 16
Strictly speaking, he's a Right Reverend but he's still an irrelevant unelected potificater however you spell it.
Score: 2
stay local7:34pm Fri 18 Nov 16
Dear Tim, How about addressing the elephant in the room? The abuse carried out by representatives of your church. Why have not the clergy based in the house of lords been made to stand down in shame for their inaction, at reporting stopping or even admitting the problems that exist? Rather than pontificating, on items of no relevance to you.
Score: 2
JJNP Replying stay local9:41pm Fri 18 Nov 16
Are you aware of the massive abuse cover-up that the Bishop of Winchester himself has been involved in and been taken to court over?
His victim is suffering unbearably.
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Petersoton9:14pm Fri 18 Nov 16
The bishop wonders why numbers are falling well maybe he should look at the fees that were imposed under a lib con govt at the request of the lib dems under nick clegg.
He then should study the new developments that are going to be built in Southampton, Winchester,Portsmout
Salisbury, Brighton etc that are being built exclusively for foreign students.
Or maybe the DE could stop writing hysterical silly stories to grab a headline that reflects a lie!
Score: 2
JJNP9:39pm Fri 18 Nov 16
The Bishop of Winchester is not in a position to comment in the Hampshire Chronicle nor should they be upholding him. He publicly destroyed an abuse victim in a massive cover-up where he used a PR firm and lawyers very heavily, a million pounds was spent on whitewash, cover up and press and media vilification of his victim.
He allowed the victim to be publicly discredited and destroyed.
He has been taken to court, he has been asked to step down, he is well aware of the harm he has done, but in true Church of England tradition, he has refused to either step down or allow an independent inquiry into his conduct. He continues to support lies about the victim and her case.

I hope that the Hampshire Chronicle cease to uphold a man that no longer has the right to be ordained, let alone call himself a Bishop. He has left his vulnerable victim suffering in utter anguish with no relief while he has ensured that all wrongdoers have been let off, publicly.
More information:
Score: 0
JJNP9:53pm Fri 18 Nov 16
This is a message for the Bishop of Winchester, from your victim, HG, who you abused your power over the press and media in order to destroy and discredit her in the second biggest and most evil cover up since the Peter Ball case. For three and a half years you have lied and even contradicted yourself in your lies, for three and a half years you and the Archbishop have allowed me to be smeared and slandered in the press and attacked by strangers in the press and media, for three and a half years you and the Archbishop have lied and discredited me and given abusers and wrongdoers an audience, for three and a half years you have put the phone down on me but have spoken with my abusers and the conflicted wrongdoers in my case, you have destroyed me and left me suffering anguish, and I want you to resign with immediate effect.
I took you to court two years ago, and I have begged and warned you to stop harming me and you didn't, in May and June of this year you had me utterly destroyed publicly and mislead the press and the public over the conflicted Steel report, failing to tell them about the court agreement and telling them that the conflicted and abusive Steel report was valid and could credibly be fed into the conflicted Gladwin report.
I am suffering unbearably from the harm you did to me, and I want you to resign.
I also want the Hampshire Chronicle to be the first member of the press and media to give me a voice on equal terms, as you and the Archbishop and Deanery's abuse of the press over the last three and a half years has been henious.
And please remember, that unless you put this right and remove the lies about me that are still circulating, I will be taking you back to court.
Please do as requested in emails, messages and letters and call an independent inquiry immediately and step down.
After all, when the abusers and wrongdoers contacted you, you bowed to their wishes. Isn't it my turn, after three years of of efforts to kill me through slander and defamation?
What kind of 'safeguarding' investigation employs only conflicted people and is launched as a press stunt at the expense of a vulnerable victim who is homeless because of the Diocese of Winchester?!
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JJNP10:04pm Fri 18 Nov 16
Last year Bob Hill, BEM, a former police officer, collapsed with a brain haemmorage while trying to preserve the life of Tim Dakin's abuse victim. A good man lost his life to a corrupt and deceitful Bishop and still Dakin hasn't stepped down. Dakin shouldn't be on any board of governors. He shouldn't be using the Church of England's generic abuse of power over the press for his PR stunts, he should have resigned as he has faced legal action and he has cost a good man his life and nearly caused a victim, who is suffering unbearably, to lose her life.

Here are some of Bob's articles before he collapsed.
More of Bob Hill's Blogs:
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Who nose.11:13pm Fri 18 Nov 16
Bish-bosh,he likes student dosh.
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