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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Appeal for prayers and help

Good morning peeps,

As you know I have been fighting to really tell my story recently, and that has been traumatic, and I have been rained off work for almost a week.

Well my tax credits have stopped without warning, no letter, nothing.

I work the hours for disabled tax credits and I get low rate DLAs which are very low, I live hand to mouth and I have no money over for clothes or anything, at the moment I need clothes and a haircut, but without tax credits and with rent and bills due, I am in serious difficulties. It has been very hard keeping a roof over my head for the past three years since I stopped rough sleeping in November 2013, but in winter and with not enough coming in, I am in danger of having to return to rough sleeping. I can't work more hours, and I can't get ESA, I am without choices or money and it is terrifying.

Please pray, because rough sleeping is not a good option and there aren't any others right now.
I don't see how I can pay the rent or do the bills this week.

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