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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Awesome Anniversary

Thank you for praying for me, the tax credits will be restored next week, although that still leaves me in protentially serious trouble this weekend if I can't raise the money for the rent and bills.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed and booted myself in the direction of work, which was some 10 miles away, via the laundry where I dropped my stinky laundry :)
I worked the morning although I didn't feel well.
Then I came home via collecting the laundry and and a flying sandwich, I had about half an hour to shower and change, and then I shot out again and arrived right on time to start my first shift working with the homeless.

Do you know, I thought tomorrow was the 24th for some reason, November 24th 2013 was the day that I officially ceased to be homeless. Today is the 3 year anniversary of the end of my rough sleeping days. And I celebrated it with my first shift working with rough sleepers. Incredible!

I just had the happiest 5 hours that I have spent for a very long time, never mind that I am not feeling well, it hardly mattered.
Being reunited with my street brothers and sisters in such a way was amazing.

Well it was all simple and very calm and happy, the homeless we work with are grateful and enjoying the help, it was good to talk to them, and the fact that they know that I know what they go through also helps.

We talked and laughed a lot and had a good hearty meal and lots of coffee. To be honest it was just amazing, and I go on shift again tomorrow evening and then Saturday afternoon, my shifts will be less later on when more volunteers are found, but for now I am part of the core team, and I am happy. And I can take my study books to the shelter and read them when things are quiet, as long as I am there so that enough people are on duty, the homeless don't need nannying, they are happy to sit and chat to each other and anyone on duty.

On the way home 'Back on the Chain Gang' was playing on the radio, haha.

Anyway, I came home to the news that my tax credits will be re-instated next week, which leaves me in immediate difficulty until then but at least they will be re-instated, otherwise getting through the winter would be a problem. Especially as I have been offered another flat, a bigger one, with space for the bike, but for £10 more per week than this one.

Well peeps, I am aching and I have a poorly tummy and I am very tired, so I think I will have an early night.
My neighbour just came and borrowed an electric card, the electric card system is still a bit hit and miss.

I realised with sadness that it is also the anniversary of Bob Hill being taken ill.

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