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Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday morning

Good morning peeps,

Well yesterday was a HOT day.
I went to work, and to be honest I wasn't really too hot while I was working, well I guess I got a bit sweaty and mucky but I plodded on peacefully.

After the morning's work I had postponed the afternoon's work because the traffic to get there would be too bad as there is a big event on. I went into town to try and find the auto spares place that my car's best friend had recommended.
The car needs special coolant mix for an older car with aliminium cylinder head, so I was supposed to get some of that but the traffic was bad and I couldn't find the place. So I came home, and it was like an hour to my doctor's appointment, not enough time to go home and get showered and changed and too much time to hang around.

So I cancelled the appointment - as is my right, I know the church of england try to leap on things and make me out to be mad and a danger to myself - but the appointment was only to get my ankle and shoulder checked and talk about the reaction to painkillers.
And seeing as my shoulder is not too bad at all now, and I am off the painkillers anyway and feeling better, and my ankle isn't too serious. I cancelled the appointment, as is my right as an adult.
And came home.

I meant to have a cool shower and rest, but I didn't even get as far as a cool shower, the flat was a mess, by my standards and I was tired. I opened my letters, one from a pen friend, one from the council, who have resolved their messes with my housing benefit and increased it by a few pounds as well. And two books. A car book and Cathy Glass's new book, out yesterday. Her new book is called 'Girl Alone' and I read it all yesterday, finished. But while I was reading it and slumped exhausted on the sofa bed, there was a knock at the door.

Due to the Diocese of Winchester, I don't like knocks on the door, I expect bad news, especially as the intercom hadn't buzzed. I thought it might be my landlady though.

I opened the door, and my friend was standing there with a camping mattress for me. Someone had let her in.
She came in and had a cuppa and I apologized for being in slumped on the sofa mode with my flat in a mess, I am normally as neat as a pin and my friends know that. She didn't mind, we sat and chatted and I told her about my reaction to the meds and how I was recovering.

When she had gone, I tidied and cleaned the flat. Then I continued reading my book and I watched my programmes.
I don't have to study all the time, and seeing as I have some time off now, I can do plenty of studying, so I thought last night was a good time to relax, as much as I can.
I had a bath and finished the new book. 316 pages. I never realised my reading speed was unusual until someone pointed this out recently.

I slept reasonably well, and woke this morning from dreams about getting up and doing the papers, 6.30am, well that is a bit of a lie in. And I didn't need any more sleep. I feel less tired and more lively now.

I have just been sitting around in my pyjamas and reading and writing.
I am going to have a shower and then have a study breakfast at the cafe round the corner, I think.

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