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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Saturday morning

Good morning peeps,

Sorry for the lack of blog, I have been busy.

Lets see if we can catch up.

Thursday morning I woke up feeling ill, the wind was blowing and showers of torrential rain were falling. So I used the car for the paper round, and it is a good thing I did, as another paper person couldn't start their car and I did their round too.

Tired and in a muddle, I got home and had a breakfast break before going errand running, getting things I needed, grabbing a quick walk in hair cut at my hairdresser's and then going to work doing garden clearance after reserving a chest of drawers at the local friendly second-hand shop. A lightweight chest of drawers for £20, it will do fine.

I was just finishing my garden work when I got a text from the family who I have been working with over the last few weeks, well they were supposed to move on Thursday, but obviously it has been very hard for them and they had not completed the move and they asked me if I could come in the next day, yesterday. Unfortunately I was booked elsewhere at the time, so I said I could do Saturday, but that was no good as she has to go into hospital on Saturday, presumably to have the baby induced as it is really late now.
But when I got home, my other customer booked for yesterday asked to postpone until next week!
So I texted the family to say that I could come yesterday!
My work life is as daft as I am.

So anyway, I went to take my friend to collect her car from MOT, and since she was with me and the garage was near the furniture warehouse and I have been too panic stricken to reserve a sofa bed, she went with me and we reserved a sofa bed and a bedside cabinet, and I bought and collected a little shelf unit for my office while we were there, and then i dropped her off at the garage for her car.
So that was Thursday, and I continued to work on the flat as I do every day.

Friday morning is heavy local papers morning, so I took the car even though the weather was due fine, I live further from the paper shop now, as you may have realised.
But in any case, despite the sky looking good, torrential rain showers kept occuring.
Ah but it was funny, I was waiting for my papers in the loading bay by the shop, which is legal and legitimate. And some sod of a council worker was out taking down redundant carnival signs and shouted at me 'Oy, it's a loading bay!'
Rather than argue, I moved over, caught by surprise, but the locals who were waiting for the shop to open were indignant, especially one local who had pulled into the loading bay just to collect her paper, while I had been there to load. The council man didn't shout at her, he just drove off.

I caught up with the council man further up the road as I delivered the papers, and had a polite conversation, the conclusion of which is, I was legitimately parked, especially at 6.30am, then the only people using the loading bay are news distributors. The thing is, he didn't even check why I was there.
I also had a polite chat with his department by email later, but never mind that!

When I had done my papers, I checked back to make sure everyone had been able to do theirs, and they had, so that was OK.

Anyway, so yesterday I returned to work with the young family who are moving home. I was surprised to find that they were not yet moved in, although a few car loads of stuff had arrived, and one bedroom was now carpeted, I am fuming that the Housing Association have left them struggling to prepare this house and move with a new baby on the way, it's not on at all!
So anyway, as I worked and their relatives worked, a van  load of furniture arrived, and the move proceeded, their old tenancy ran out yesterday but with so little help from the housing association and so much to do, it has been a last minute struggle for them to get moved.
I am grateful that I am a private tenant and no children to care for and can move house on my own quite easily, and again I moved into a decorated flat, although it was unfurnished and I am working to furnish it and fit nets and curtains etc.

So, when I finished work for them yesterday they said they would text me on Sunday regarding next week. The thing is with this family is they tend to employ me daily on a reduced rate due to their circumstances, but I have to fit my other work round them, not that I mind! The other thing is, for me it has been like doing two house moves at once, theirs and mine! That has been truly strange.

So I went from work to collecting my chest of drawers, thankfully they loaded it easily into the car and it was so light that I had no trouble unloading it at home, despite the injured shoulder.

I spent yesterday evening doing housework and flat work, I set the chest of drawers up and took the clothes out of the airing cupboard and put them in the drawers, it was chaotic, keeping my clothes in the airing cupboard.
Then I put a laundry load on and hung it out, trusting the weather forecast. And then I hoovered and mopped the flat, and had a bath! :) I don't often have a bath but I felt like having a bath so I did.

Then I walked through the dark night to the shop, and got some odds and ends and watched the police having someone's car removed and impounded for leaving it on a double yellow line. That's ruined someone's weekend!
I was chatting online for a while before I crawled into bed and slept.

This morning I struggled to get up and get to the shop for 6.30, but that was OK, I thought! No hurry, I thought!

The lad came after me as I dumped my papers in the car 'Oh, could you help us out? One of the paper boys has moved to Wales, can you take his round until we get someone?'

You know I hate doing the papers by car? And with two rounds I need the car!
And that wasn't the end of it either.
I got my round out as quick as I could, then I had to learn the new round, I hate learning new rounds by car, it is harsh on my poor old car! And that is my second new round I have learned this week, although I would prefer to take the other one on.

So anyway, I had got up late and muddled out of the house forgetting my phone and wallet this morning, stupid if the car breaks down, but anyway, so after doing two rounds, my petrol was lower than I had planned for so I went to the garage, and put petrol in before I realised I hadn't got my wallet! Thankfully the guys at the Petrol Station are local and nice, so they let me nip up to the paper shop, which was closer than home, and get a sub on my wages to pay my petrol! I think most people manage to do the no money petrol thing once in their lives!
I did it once in Jersey, drove off without paying rather than not having the money, but I was very ill then, I went back and paid when I realised, and they had automatically told the police but they put it right, I think because I explained I had my mind elsewhere.

Anyway, the paper shop didn't mind because they had more news for me.
They want to take me off my usual potter round town with the papers and put me on a major distribution route, combined with the new round I learned today, I will be doing all the rural and dropping bundles to other distributors, and the pay will be triple what I earn now.
Considering I only started delivering papers to ensure I always met tax credits threshold, it is good to have developed it. And to be honest, I don't love my own round very much. So in a few days time I have to start learning this new distribution route, a lot of it is bundles, which I like, cos that is easy one-stop drops.
And news distribution is work that won't affect University time.

I can't believe it is already midday! I thought I would whizz through my round this morning and then go and drop something at my friend's house before she went to work, but it was about 9am before I got home! And then I have been running through payments and shopping lists and boring stuff, but also watching the music channel and almost relaxing!
I also got the student magazine from university and had a read of that, it is interesting enough.

I need to go to B&Q or similar and look at various things, and to be honest, I should take some time out and go somewhere for a few hours, but dunno where yet.

It is fairly warm and cloudy today, I just got my washing in in case it rains or someone else needs the line.
I must sort myself out, get some measurements done and go out. I can't measure, I just write down numbers from the tape measure and hold them up pleadingly for someone else to decipher. It's hard work making an unfurnished flat into home.

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