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Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday morning

Good morning,

Well yesterday I went to the car boot sale and got a few small things, a toilet mat, a saucepan, a pair of shears, a plant. The thing with car boot sales, especially when you are looking for things for a house or flat is, there is too much stuff and it is easy to get carried away, but I didn't.

The beach down there was golden and inviting and the sun was shining hot, I wished I had a swimsuit with me.

I came home and cooked a nice roast dinner, and then I was too full and tired and the beach here was so busy that I biked up and down with difficulty but didn't swim.

I was struggling to think about moving home and I was feeling really ill and tired, so I didn't go the the other car boot sale.
Eventually I went to the welfare, and was fed and looked after, and got a tea, milk and sugar parcel for the new flat. It is in the car waiting with other first load stuff because instead of keys and paperwork today, keys and paperwork are tomorrow.

I am working for the young family today, I think they have had the baby but they still have to move house within a week. Then I have garden clearance work if I have the energy.

 I have asked to do most of tomorrow's work later in the week due to the keys and paperwork for the flat being tomorrow.

There is far too much to think about, being in the process of moving is unsettling for normal people, for someone with autism it is hell.

I slept quite well last night and biked round the paper round this morning, I think biking it is better when I can.

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