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The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday evening

Good evening,

Well this morning I went to do the papers and the car decided to scare the hell out of me by refusing to start when I was delivering papers on the main road.
I was parked across a driveway, delivering the paper, and normally I leave the engine running but I hate overheating the car, so I turned it off.
The car then refused to start, once, twice, and I had to take action with so many papers left to do, so I rolled it off the drive onto the double yellows, put a few notices on the dash to say it was broken down, sent a message to my car repair man, and shot home to get the blue bike and a paper bag.

I got back to the car by bike to collect the papers, and I tried once more to start the car, and it burst into life. So the poor blue bike, who had been dragged from it's stable muttering about 'Being On Holiday!' was left tied to a lamp post to scare passers- by, while I did the rest of the rounds without stopping the car at all.

The car simply behaved itself after that scare.
I got home all hot because despite the clouds and rain, it has been horribly humid and hot, I hate rain and heat, it is no fun.

I got on with various things before heading for work in the new job contract where I am helping this family. That went well, I did a lot of scrubbing of cupboards and walls. This family, expecting a new baby, are moving into this dirty house that hasn't been looked after, very soon, with the baby due, and you can't have a newborn baby in a dirty house! So I am happy to help them.

On the way home, as they are paying cash in hand each time, I got some groceries. Phew, I was running low on stuff.
It was raining so no garden work today.
I got home and did my work diary and ledger and tried to actually relax, and would you believe it, I slept for an hour! And I only woke because my friend was phoning me but I missed her call although it woke me.

So I woke and put my programmes on, and then there was a bright orange knock on the door, and it was such a co-incidence it was not the bright orange knock I was expecting, it was a charity man also dressed in bright orange and not my car's best friend.
So I chatted with the charity man and then washed the car while I waited for my car type person, the cat was so keen to help wash the car until he realised there was water involved so he retired to my bed.

The car's best friend arrived and we talked about what was going wrong with the car, he tightened the auxilliary belt and said he would order a new one for me, he said one of the problems could be in the ignition and he would need more time and tools with that, and that if the car continued to have problems I might consider a new battery.
He also replaced the stay catch in the door while he was here. Very handy that my car has such a good friend eh?

The car has been running fine since it's sulk this morning.

I am just having a read of 'The Green Mile' by Stephen King, I own a copy but have only read it once, the prison ones can trigger mild flashbacks for me.

Hollyoaks has got a bit ridiculous and a bit too violent for me, I know soaps are just soaps but it is difficult for my brain to think round the fact that Hollyoaks is just a village and if it was real and people were bumping each other off all over the place with no credible investigation then it would be national news, you know? I can't get my brain to play along with Hollyoaks any more, it amazes me that I could have actually focussed on a soap for so long anyway, but I suppose it is better than Eastenders or Coronation Street, or Emmerdale, they are so far out that I don't know how anyone can even watch them.

Anyway, having now enraged soap fans, (please don't lynch my blog) it has been nice to almost relax properly this evening, I intended to do uni stuff but I have been just chillin' and chatting with my mates online.

Tomorrow I have both paper rounds, then this new contract work, then two gardens.

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