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Thursday, 6 August 2015

11th Interview with HG

A note on interviews, the sets of interview questions are genuine and sent to me, mainly I am asked about my life, but I think it is understood that when I can cope with the trauma, I will be interviewed about the Church and Jersey.

1. Would you trust Bob Key, the Dean of Jersey?

No, he has proved untrustworthy and extremely harmfully so.

2. Are there any of the Jersey Anglican clergy whom you would trust?

No, your questions are challenging and painful but understandable.

3. Are there any of any other denomination?

No. No offence to anyone.

4. Do you think Jersey should have remained with Winchester?
I do not know, basically that is Jersey and Winchester's own personal decision and I am not in the Diocese or Deanery so I don't have a say, in fact I am not even a member of the CofE (Thankfully).

5.  Which churches in Jersey have you visited?

Most, there is some lovely architecture and artwork in some of them.

6. Have you ever visited Winchester cathedral? If so, did you see the statue of the diver, and do you know why it is there?

Yes indeed, Winchester became my home town when I was 17 and left my family, and the Cathedral was a central and important part of our lives, of course I know the statue and story of the diver and how he saved the Cathedral, that is William Walker! :) I love the stories of the Cathedral and it's history, it reminds me of home, and what was before the Diocese publicly destroyed me in my home town and drove me out. My Cathedral is part of my Winchester forever.
I guess the Diocese forgot to mention all that when they were using Korris to make me out to be a crazy stalker, yes?

7. Have you been approached to give evidence to the Jersey Care Enquiry?

No, but Philip Bailhache has approached them to give evidence, I am not a care survivor so I don't count, but I guess Sir Bailhache must be a care survivor.

8. Are there any Jersey politicians – past or present – that you have met?

My best memory is a St. Helier Deputy at Grev D' Lecq, flipping her lid over a speeding car on a Sunday morning, I have no idea who it was, it wasn't Shona Pitman.
Of course I knew Ian LeMarquand because he was a church of england reader and friend of my abuser as well as being elected Home Affairs Minister, I still have his daughter's excited emails to me about him being elected. But of course my clearest memory of him is how he blocked me for receiving prayers and then lied both about that, and about his knowledge of me being abused, his lie was so blatant because he had previously told people not to touch me because he knew I had been abused, before he knew it was his friend who had abused me,  and another memory of him was him trivialising paedophilia and letting someone off an abuse charge when he was a magistrate.
Who else, well Stuart Syvret was supposed to meet with me regarding the Dean, but he caused me some problems by not turning up for the meeting and just blogging about the Dean and my abuser instead! However, I did meet him at the child abuse march, and Monty Tadier and ? Ben Shenton? Brave and honourable men to speak for the voiceless.
I used to meet the Loo-tenant-Governor sometimes because he used to come to my work place and I let him go first on the roundabout at St. Aubin once :) 

9. Do you trust any of them?

I think Monty and Stuart have good hearts and are trying hard to ensure that the right thing is done.

10. Have you met any of Jersey’s bloggers?

Yes, I have met Mr Bob Hill, BEM, he is a very brave man, lost all his hair in the MET police, never got compensation but got a BEM instead. And of course I met Stuart briefly at the march and then nearly met him regarding the Dean.

11. Do you think the Steel report would be fair to you? Would you like it kept unpublished?

As Mr Hill has said, the Steel report is not worth the paper it is written on, it is a whitewash by Steel and Key and Ashenden and Willing and other contributors, how can a report written by the defendants to clear a defendant and ruin the plaintiff be a genuine or authoritive report? Steel is a colleague and friend of the wrongdoers in the Jersey Deanery and the Bishop of Winchester looks like an utter idiot for handing the report over to them, a bit like letting Greville Janner write an investigative report about himself (of course no, he got his friend and colleague Keith Vaz to do that, no?) Same thing.

12. Have you ever met Heather Steel, Bishop Gladwin, Bishop of Dover, Bishop of Winchester? Say something about the meetings.

I never met Steel, she tried to get paperwork about me without even getting my consent, and for some reason was also allowed to illegally access my police records in conjunction with the conflicted officer Gull, who has also influenced the Glenys Johnstone whitewash, Steel would never even have bothered with me if I hadn't got her email address off the Jersey Deanery who were using her to make a complaint against Bishop Dakin - Hilarious, but Steel refused to step down and let a non-conflicted person take over the safeguarding investigation, while Bishop Dakin refused and ignored numerous people contacting him with evidence of Steel's conflict of interests and links to members of the Jersey Deanery.

I have met Bishop Gladwin, Bob Hill forced Gladwin into a meeting and it made no difference, after the token meeting, the whitewash continued.

Yes I know the Bishop of Dover, he used to be Bishop of Basingstoke and he aint really a Bishop, just an old politician who reputedly had a sweetheart relationship with the female vicar I used to be friends with while her marriage was a sham - all that damaged my faith and disillusioned me back when I still thought the CofE was about God.

I have never met the Bishop of Winchester, he blatantly lied and claimed he had met with me to apologize personally, he never did any such thing, when he realised I would not take the onslaught against me quietly, he threatened me by email. He isn't a Christian, he isn't a good Bishop, he is there because Scott-Joynt wanted to be replaced by 'someone who cared about Africa' rather than a competent Bishop.

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