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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Saturday evening

Good evening,

I have just realised that I haven't updated this blog for a few days.

Well I had a bit of a whacky Wednesday morning this morning when I woke this morning.
I was dozing and waking as usual, the first alarm went off then I dreamed I had overslept, then I woke up at the normal time and got a text from the shop saying I didn't need to come in until 7 as the papers were late.
I went into the kitchen to make tea, still a bit disorientated, and as I did, I noticed the time on the kitchen clock.
The clock had stopped at 5.45am, haha.

I fished the clock off the wall, well actually I got up and got the clock off the wall, seeing as I didn't have a fishing line handy.
And as I did, I realised not only the clock but also the kitchen drapes were covered in grease and dust.

I left the clock on the surface and got a few cups of tea, I could have had my shower before doing the papers but I got preoccupied.
This morning was the start of me doing holiday cover for another round alongside my own round. An ideal excuse to do the papers by car, well actually I was relieved not to carry not one but two sets of heavy weekend papers, and as you know, I have been so tired recently. I will only be doing the papers by car this week - if the car will actually start! :) thankfully it did today.

The papers being late when I had TWO rounds to do, and heavy Saturday papers at that, made me stressed, plus I had to learn the new round as I went.
The new round was fairly simple and the car behaved, although I felt as if it was a bit of a strain for it.

I got home much later than when I just do my round at the normal time, and I was tired and disorientated, I cleaned the clock, haha, and changed the battery, and then I took the drapes down and dusted and cleaned the walls where they go. I put the drapes in the washing machine for a good wash.

Then I kind of dazed around a bit, vague television and other stuff, then I had to go to the bank to put my money in and and make sure the rent went through.
I went into the nearest town and the bank is supposed to be open until lunch time on Saturday, so I thought I was very lucky to get into one of the free one-hour parking spaces near the bank, and then the ruddy bank was closed!
So I had to go all the way to our capital town. But surprisingly, I also got a free parking space there, so I quickly did the bank stuff, grabbed some milk from the shop (and paid) and headed home.
I hadn't wanted to be in any town on such a hot day. I wanted to be in the sea, not with the car, of course!

Today started with the pre-autumn chill but that went very fast and before I had finished my round it was hot and I was sweating glowing.
So, when I got home from town, I biked to the sea and had a good swim.
The beaches were very crowded, and there was even a wedding on part of the beach, but we have miles of beach so none of us splashed the bride.
The sea was warm and clear and it was nice to have a really good swim, I did accidentally take the car keys instead of the keys to the bike lock, because they look alike, but I just left the bike against a wall and no-one took it. The blue bike still thinks it's a horse so it would be the worse for anyone who tried to nick it.

When I got home I had a nice shower and put the beach clothes and other clothes in the wash, the washing is still drying on the line, and I have been studying while letting one of my favourite comedies play on autoplay on the computer, that means it runs through the episodes without stopping.

The computer and blogs had a slight blip earlier, always worrying but scan isn't showing anything to be concerned about.

So, what have I been doing since Thursday when I last blogged, well, feeling tired and unwell and under stress, hence no blog. I did get garden clearance work done yesterday but nothing else remarkable has been going on.

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