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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Wednesday afternoon

Good afternoon,

Well I wrote three cards and posted them, because my friends have been very supportive through the recent difficulties.
That is called 'positive communication' and I get a pat on the head and a cookie for remembering to do it.

I went to get my disabled swim card, and ended up having a swim while I was there, I am a self-taught swimmer and not always good at swimming any one stroke, so I was trying to keep the consultant's words in my mind, he said only certain strokes, not too long at a time, walk about in the water, rest plenty, don't overdo it or strain your head and neck.
But I was so excited to actually swim again, to actually be in the water, be alive and mobile and able to do something again! So I overdid it a bit :( Very tired and achy now.
Ha, I will swim tomorrow too, I will live in that pool.

I decided to walk home, life felt brighter, I can swim, I can be somewhere and do something!
I may also join the rehab and exercise classes that they do in the pool every week.

Now I am tired, I must make sure all my washing dries, put new linen on the bed, and start sorting all my paperwork into files, living in a house means lots of paperworks :(

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  1. Walking on the water ! :)

    Great news.

    Good on ya.