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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thursday Evening

Good evening,

I liked the stats on the Anything and Everything earlier, they read 21212, that was funny, it has been a slow blog day today.

I had good news by post and email today, I should have more money within days, so I will re-start my other therapy, and after this week, the weekly work on my spine, pelvis and shoulder will go down to fortnightly, which is great.

After therapy earlier I went to the library and returned my books and then went to the drop-in to say hi and give them money for my meals this week, I didn't stay for lunch as I had to go to the hospital.

I had to get the long bus route as I missed the short route bus, so that stressed me about time, but it was nice to go round the bottom of the Great Hill, because I love them hills, or would love them if they weren't things that the Diocese and their police could rip from me by brutality and imprisonment.
Love is a vulnerability that I cannot risk. The way my life and loved ones were taken from me by the diocese will be with me forever and especially as they are free to do it again in response to my pleas to be left alone, as happened in Winchester.

Anyway, got to the hospital and part of it was closed so I had to find my way through.
Thankfully they saw me, 10 minutes late, and it was quick and without ordeal, much easier than last time, different person.

The haters probably think I go for a mental health checkup, no, it is for both physical and emotional wellbeing and is not with the mental health team.
My blood pressure, considering the situation, was not too bad, 157/114 I think it said, which is way below the impressive figures it came up to in Jersey in 2009/10.

After that, I went shopping, to replace the very depleted everything.
I got some groceries first, then I got toiletries, including a big bottle of coal tar shampoo as mine ran out while I had no money, and my scalp got bad, I don't want to lose my hair again.

I then got a new pair of boots, the only footwear I can wear because of the weak ankle and useless tendon is soft webbing walking boots, as they hold the ankle in place but encourage my foot to move even without the tendon's help.
I wear boots out very quickly but haven't been able to afford new ones for ages.
I also got new foam pads, which help me to walk without pain.
I had a nose around the chattery shops too and found odds and ends.
 It is nice to be able to get things I need.

I intermittently felt sick as I have for a few days, and I am aching from today's treatment.

I have been putting emails on the 'Additional Evidence Blog' which is linked to the Anything and Everything, and I found emails between me and my friend who is now deceased and who died estranged from me by the Diocese, that made me cry.
 I am listening to a song that reminds me of 10 years of friendship that ended in estrangement and death.

I hope I am not too ill tomorrow, as I have an interview with the charity I would like to work for.

Daily reader who's stat reads 'woking, Surrey', have you been reading the additional evidence blog?

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