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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Thursday morning

Good morning again,
people were demanding that I post news of my first spine treatment when I got back.

Here's the news:


I stepped out the front door and sneezed. There is no doubt that today is the official first day of antihistamines! Argh, six months to go! Counting. (another expense while I can't see an NHS doctor).

Anyway. I went to the clinic, had to go through a raft of questions, and eventually they got round to treatment, non-surgical back treatment, run you over with a herd of wild elephants.

Well it was painful and immidiately as he tried to manipulate my neck, it set my shoulder off, showing the link that I always assumed.
 Some of the treatment was painful, a lot of it was tough because I am touch-sensetive, but he says injury and tension contributes to that.
 He reminded me to get an egonomic keyboard (I hate them things) but I have to budget for it.

He told me to take it easy today, no swimming, and I have already had my walk, so I will do as I am told, although I have an aqua exercise class booked for tomorrow.

He said I am likely to feel achey, and my head and neck and shoulder already do, I hope they don't kick off.

But when he finished treatment, I couldn't feel my spine, not the usual tension or pain, it reminded me of a joke 'A shiver ran round the bench of Bishops, looking for a spine to run down'.

Anyway, I came home and hung my laundry to dry.
I only have a trip into town planned for later, but so far, back treatment, phone and internet top-up, and grocery and bus pass, beforer it's here, the money is already spent, so to speak :(
 Yes, I am paying to have my injuries treated, just as I did years ago when left injured by the NHS, and just as I keep having to do.
For me, the NHS provides very little, because a) I can't access it safely without risk of diocese and police, and b) they have failed me over and over again for 16 years.

The back consultant still thinks me pulling my tractor from where it was stuck is hilarious, but he says that is also where I was injured, even if the injury took it's time to show. Being flung about by police has not helped either.

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