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Friday, 1 June 2018


Good evening peeps,

I had a bad night last night with flashbacks and I woke up tired. I also have this tonsil infection which was probably from the dental hygenist.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning, set off through the fog at 20mph behind every grockle who can't drive at more than 20, who hates grockles? I do, you forget about them during the winter, but then they come back.
I got to work a few minutes late, but they owed me a few minutes from when I stayed on before.
I worked and work, hard clearance work. 7 ton bags, several tree stumps and some happy customers and a very annoyed spine. But my work wasn't over.

I tried to do the bad habit, go on to the next garden in the same area without stopping for lunch, because I was worried about being late for my dental appointment, but it was now 1.45 and I hadn't even had a snack and had done hard work, so my blood sugar had dropped and I was getting the beginnings of hypoglycemia.

So after 15 minutes, I gave in and went and got food, as well as petrol and my mail from the mail handling centre, and then I returned to work.

Halfway through, the dental surgery rang and asked if I could come in earlier as the dentist had a crisis at home that he wanted to get back to, and he wanted to get the filling in my tooth before I went away. So I told the house owners who had come home, and I put my tools together and went to the dentist, I couldn't rush because the grockles were still crawling at 20mph.
The dentist's wife had hurt her back, but not too seriously, but she needed his help with the children, so he stayed to do my tooth, and then he headed home and I headed back to work, the filling was only a small one, no drilling or drugs. And I returned to work, got that garden squared up, but it meant I didn't get home until about 6.30, and as you who know me will realise, that all of that could set me up for a relapse or a lot of pain, just before I go away, so tomorrow I am not planning on doing the care home, I will take it easy and get some home-based work done and finish preparing to go away.

There is an exciting new possibility to my holidays, which I am not telling you about, but it is not to do with Wales. I am aching. I am going to sleep soon. The blogs have statted, and Jersey has been part of that, what another attack on me? Fatherless morons.
I hope this tonsil gets better soon.

Wales will take all day to reach. But at least it is pretty much planned out. My landlord takes me the first few minutes of the journey, into town, and then the long and convoluted legs of the journey begin. I get worried about such long journeys as they are very stressful and I must remember my collar. I hope it isn't too busy anywhere, I hope I get lots of hot drinks, and I hope I don't panic or get ill with pain, parts of the journey are by train, which shakes me poor bones.

We have had a lot of fog here, I am always puzzled by fog with strong winds, how does it do that?

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