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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Next Leg

Hey peeps,

I am having fun driving everyone mad with updating on different platforms. I got of the train on one platform, and the phone rang, so I had fun struggling through the barriers with the phone in one hand and my backpack and suitcase in several other hands, woohoo.

Here I am, the actual adventures of this leg, if they kick off at all, have not yet begun, because I needed rest and food and things. The train was hot and crowded and cramped and it was everything that my useless body doesn't like. So right now, sitting down and eating and drinking and resting is a good start. I did have a litre of squash and my meds and neck collar, I was very good and looked after myself, but this is still one hell of a journey for me. I will leave here in a few hours and will arrive in Wales for evening.

Well, things are pretty much the same here as they always were, apart from the generator having gone, but a kind and helpful lady rushed to greet me at the very convenient replacement, and so I can journey as I used to for a few hours, and see who I can find of those who I knew.

As for the phonecall, that is to do with the thing I am not telling you, and it may come to nothing, but who knows?

Now, the next step is to go and ask the Christian Barge dwellers if they know what has become of my mates, and if the Christian Barge Dwellers are not here, there is a man who hides out in that symbolic building above the car park, and that man will be astonished to see me and will confess all regarding my old mates. Hm, this may be fun or fruitless, but what matters is, that before the phone rang, as the train came into the station, my heart leaped with joy and there was a lump in my throat, it is like being reunited with a dear old friend. Welcome back, Anna!

Now, I go first to the South, follow the river from the archway with the rats and blood and urine, where I used to sleep so peacefully, and see who I can find.

That was a fun story :) 

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