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Sunday, 10 June 2018


Good evening peeps,

Broadcasting from home, sitting in bed. Tired.
I wasn't too bad when I woke at about 10am. I just got tired as I tried to work and do chores as normal, but I have got the shopping, done the washing, and not got much work done.
I have a book review and an article and limitless other things to do.
I still have this cough as well.

On Friday I drove to Cardiff and stayed in the bed and breakfast, it was OK, lots of tea and coffee, a comfy bed, and a TV that worked, the door banging didn't last long, and although I was worried that the bed was too soft, it was fine, the pillows were absolutely lovely and I slept well.

I woke early and tipped myself indignantly out of bed for shower, dressing, and breakfast, before I set off on my drive. I had been so tired that I didn't do much in Cardiff, I had a look round town and a look at the stadium and castle, although the castle was closing, so I couldn't do a proper tour. The stadium is huge, and the Stereophonics were there this weekend, so it was all a bit mad in Cardiff, but I am pleased to see that Cardiff is regenerating just as Newport is. And I loved seeing all the trains.

Anyway, so after a pleasant stay in Cardiff, I set off, Cardiff and Swansea bays were under a low cloud and mist, so I couldn't see anything of the Volvo Race.
I drove out from Cardiff to Swansea, and I enjoyed seeing the big dark hills at Port Talbot. I have a funny story about Port Talbot, I nearly went to live there once.

Swansea Bay was very boring under a low cloud and a far tide, not even worth comparing with our seascapes here. Still, it was a nice drive, and I had Nation on the radio. Nation is a Welsh National Radio Station, and it is always very good.

I drove over to the Mumbles. I have to say, the Gower Peninsula was like a cross between Jersey in a sulk, and home, I didn't find it as awesome as I had hoped, or as my friends had hoped. They like it.
There are lots of bays, some close together and you have to go up and down winding little roads, and the Passat is much bigger than Max.

When I take over Wales, I am going to have the Peninsula redesigned, shortened, and we will merge some bays. Vote me in, Jane Dodds lost the last election by tens of thousands, so she won't win against me. I may even put my redesign of the Gower Peninsula to vote before I ignore the vote and proceed.

You start out at 'Bracelet Bay' which is a lovely name for a slightly boring area. Then you trot through lots of mundane bays and then you find the long sweepy beaches that are more like back home.
I have to admit, the highlight for me was the Welsh Ponies grazing free on an area that was like the New Forest. Wales has the Welsh Cobs those as worked in the mines, and the Welsh Mountain Ponies, these looked to me like Welsh Mountains, (yes I do know a bit about horses and ponies) and they were sleek, beautiful, and very unafraid, I got pictures of them as they grazed by the road and mooched on the road with their foals. That was awesome, I will post the pictures at some point.

Anyway, so I got my head in a spin, trying to make my way round the peninsula, and in the end I was flagging and getting tired and crotchety, so I pulled over and got some photos of the boring and hazy bay, and started back.

A few hours later I lunched at a service station on the M4, and texted my friends that I was on my way back. The service station had surprisingly good tea :)

I arrived back at theirs in time for another good cup of tea before they dropped me off at the train station.
They said again that I can have the Passat if anything goes wrong with Max before they trade the Passat in next year, and it isn't such a mad idea, I can drive the Passat well, and it is a nice drive, the problem is, it is big and I can't really afford to run it.

It was sad to say goodbye to my friends again. And then it was the long harsh journey home. The train was still very crowded but not as bad as on the way up, and I was able to sit, alone, writing was hard as the internet wasn't working and I didn't have a table seat, so I couldn't do much, and I didn't have a book with me and couldn't access Kindle. I kept my collar on and kept taking me meds and water, I drank the whole litre by three hours, and I could have done with more.

The journey home took five and a half hours, the train was running late, but I got home.
I am tired now.

I have to get a lot of work done over the next few days, before I go to  London, and I am taking Max, not ideal, but travelling to London isn't ideal in any way, shape or form, it is just something I have to do.

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