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Monday, 11 June 2018


Good evening peeps,

Last night I took Max for a short drive, but it wasn't the same as driving the Passat along the endless Welsh Roads. Max is small and his handbrake and gears are different, and I had to get used to it all after getting used to the Passat.
I was right to be worried about Max with the crazy neighbours, one of them has bumped his side and left him with a dent and scratch and knocked his trim, but of course they won't own up to it, and no one else could have done it, they have reversed into him.

Anyway, Last night I didn't sleep well, I had a headache and I was coughing, with troubled dreams and shallow, patchy sleep.
I woke this morning feeling unbelievably ill. My chest was terrible and my head too. I had hoped to start work at 8 and get three gardens done, but that wasn't happening.

It was murder, going through meds and saline, trying to just get as far as being human.
I had to go to the chemist, I didn't want to go anywhere but the pharmacist gave me something that wouldn't clash with codeine, and told me that if I wasn't getting better then I would need antibiotics.
I have no wish to be on those, so I am doing my best to clear my lungs.

Anyway, the care home emailed me and said they had hundreds of bedding plants delivered for me to play with, I thought that would be a nice light occupation on a warm summer day and it might help me to feel better. I had told them before they ordered, that we would need compost, but when I arrived, there was a splendid array of bedding plants and no compost!
I spoke to the manager and they had ordered compost, but it hadn't been delivered, so they phoned and it should be delivered tomorrow.
In the meantime I used what old compost I had, to get some planters done, and I added feed and water gel to improve the old compost, and I watered all the bedding plants that are still waiting to be done.
And that was the extent of today's work, I coughed my way home and got on with some writing and more meds.

This evening I found out that the people I do delivery driving have done the same again, got the old driver back, the one who has accidents and is off all the time, and replaced me again, ha, it gets a bit stupid, they aren't very good to work for, because they keep doing this.

I decided to have a drive along the cliffs, as I have got a bit overwhelmed now, the holiday and return home, being ill, the delivery driving situation, and also my landlord wanting this place back, he only took me in as a temporary, and now he wants to proceed his plans for running a bed and breakfast.
So I took a drive to the cliffs, the bay had no surf, no surfers, a calm sea with a wave breaking on the shoreline.
As I headed back, my friend who lives on the cliffs was walking the dog, and she spotted me and I spotted her, and so I ended up back at theirs for a tea and chat, they already know all about my situation and things, so they are looking for a home for me and putting the word out, and it was good to chat to them.
I don't normally see my friends in the evenings except if it is what we arranged, like when I see my other friends tomorrow evening for a hot chocolate appointment, but that was totally by chance this evening, and very comforting and nice.

So here I am home, coughing me lungs out, and gonna sleep on some codeine and hope it is all better in the morning.

I just got another perfect score on a transcription project, and I have a book review and an article to finish.

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