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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Boxing Day evening

Well we had a lovely walk on the cliffs, and then I came home and did a bit of cooking, I did quorn pieces fried with garlic and herbs and salt, and rice. There was enough for two meals, and I did some eggs as well. I had some for lunch and put the rest in tubs, which turned out handy later.

I was, as you can guess, trying to get down to some writing, but so often I am like an artist with a massive empty canvas and far too many ideas and inspirations, so I was preparing a collection of short articles for a friend, and at the same time I was assessing other writers' short pieces of work for them.
And I was watching films.

Then the phone beeped, could I work this evening? The bad weather was set in by now, but I agreed to work.

I thought it would be a dead shift, we all did, I was the only driver on duty.
The first half hour was dead, then it picked up, went dead again and picked up like mad again.
I ended up doing a full shift when we all expected to be closed and finished early, they ended up with late bookings.

The last delivery had been rushed out, they put the wrong address, wrong postcode, not matching the address, and no phone number, all strictly frowned upon, but the boss was away and it was a skeleton staff, so there was I, the driver, five miles away and cussing because this was the last delivery of three and not being able to deliver it was very frustrating. I couldn't get through to base either.

I had to bring it back, cussing rudely as I did.
They told me it wasn't my fault, well I knew that, but you know how I am, being autistic means I get very stressed about things like this.

But that was the last delivery, and they then got me a hot meal, even though I had been snacking on my meal tubs in the car.

The weather was atrocious, still is, and I have not long got home. Glad to be warm and dry, and about to dive into that huge dreamy duvet and be busy sleeping.

But think about it. I have worked a shift, I have walked the dog on the cliffs, I have been writing and editing, I got up at a decent hour this morning. Quite a productive boxing day.

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