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Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Good evening peeps,

Happy Liberation Day. I am glad that I don't go and waste the day listening to lies down at Liberation Square any more. I used to think it was mad that people didn't go, but I understand now.

Well, this morning I was wide awake at 6am.
Haha, I should have got to work in plenty of time, but traffic was solid between the towns, and why?
Roadworks on the main road.
I was 15 minutes late for work, and my old lady didn't mind. Nor did I, as today wasn't too bad apart from having that annoying extra trip to the car's best friend.

So, at 5pm I rolled up at the car's best friend's place.
'It will take five minutes', he had told me cheerfully.
Yeah, right.
Half an hour later.

It turned out to be a corroded wire that needed soldering. I continue to count my lucky stars that I have the best mechanic possible. Some mechanics would not be able to pinpoint a fault like that.

Anyway, that got done, and I also went through my final MOT workup questions, and it was all fine. The car is now ready for MOT, it has one potential failure. The emissions if the catalyst is still problematic. If that happens, then Max will be off the road over the weekend while we get and fit the new catalyst. I can get a lift to work on Monday if necessary.

I didn't realise that Max is 17! I missed his Birthday. That makes Florence 27! And if Max is due MOT, Florence  is as well. And She is probably done for. Sad. I hope I never find out if she is gone, she lives 10 miles away so I never see her.

You may wonder what I am fussing about over the MOT,  but I rely on a 17 year old car for my living and thus my home and I have nothing and no-one to support me otherwise.
I remember the garage who used to try to charge mad amounts for Florence's repairs, as I waited there one day, there was a man who obviously had a good life, and his car was young, and they were asking him over £500 to do the work so it would pass it's failed MOT.
Some people fling cars in for MOT without even thinking about it, they do not see the workings of the car as their responsibility, and I used to be like that, but not any more. And the good thing about an older car is that it is simpler to understand, maintain and get repaired - in some cases.

I asked about getting a towbar for Max, it is either a towbar for Max or I will have to get a van eventually. The answer was that he can probably have a towbar. I told the car's best friend that it was that or I get a van, and he looked at his van and grinned and said 'You're not having that one!' Because both Max and Florence were his, and the van is not the next vehicle in line to sell to me.

Anyway, I came home through the beautiful hills, it has been a bright sunny day and it was a nice drive.
I am tired but I have a lot to do.

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