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Monday, 1 May 2017


Good afternoon, peeps,

Short Circuit 2 is on, so I am forced to take a break from my housework until the next advert break.

This morning I got up at 8.30 after an uneventful night, I did go to bed late though, so the slight lie-in was nice.

I was very lazy this morning, or rather I couldn't get motivated. So much to do, I get in a pickle when I have time off, trying to work out what to do next. I did a bit of writing but not much else. I have had a difficult week and the flat was a mess and it was hard to get motivated to sort it out, which made me feel worse.

By lunchtime I was having a look at Max, due to his MOT being soon, and I realized that the tyre place had said they would swap his spare tyre but they hadn't done, the old punctured spare was still on, I felt most miffed and worried, so me and Max scurried round there and demanded hot chocolate, no we didn't. I asked what had happened and got an answer.
The spare tyre instruction was on the form, but the mechanic said what I had mentioned before, the old tyres, all of them rather than just the front ones, had perished rubber due just to their age, none of them had been fit to change the tyre, he had told admin, but they forgot to tell me, and when I asked if the spare had been changed, they had said yes. Dammit.
So today the mechanic resolved the whole matter by simply fixing the punctured spare for no extra charge as the rubber isn't perished. Sorted, and I did take advantage of their hot chocolate machine while I waited.

Then I went and got some food, came home and started the housework, at last.
The wet room has been bleached and soaked in hot water, yes my shower room is a wet room, for better or worse, it is a bugger to clean but it does prevent trips, falls and bumps.

I have done two loads of clothes washing and now the bedding and towels are on.
The back hall is swept and mopped and the kitchen is half done.

So the rest of the day is watching Short Circuit, cleaning, preparing tomorrow's lunch and work gear and finishing a safeguarding report for publication - oh some readers won't like to read that.
And then any other paperwork that I have time for.

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