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This is a day to day blog of my life as I continue to survive, work on recovery and on the social problems that I have and try to come to terms with limitless traumas I have survived along the way.
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The former name of this blog and the name of it's sister blog are to do with my sense of humour, which I hope to keep to the end, which appears to be ever more rapidly approaching. At least I laughed, and I laughed at the people who were destroying me. Don't forget that.

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Saturday, 27 May 2017


Good morning peeps,

I am just waiting for the weather to clear, we had crashing thunderstorms in the early hours and it is still a bit grey and wet out there. I guess I am also waiting for Melissa and Joey to be on, that made in chelsea rubbish is on, do people really watch such tripe? I will go to work at lunchtime. The lawns will have dried for mowing, and I will mainly be putting in bedding plants.

I haven't updated as I have been busy and working in the heat and then tired when I get home.

On Wednesday I had two lots of orders to collect from the garden centre, then I had six lawns to mow, but the heat was ferocious and I am not used to it, so I got too hot and finished work after that, I came home to finish my end of term paper and hand it in.

On Thursday I started with the cliff top garden and despite the sun, it wasn't too bad in the breeze up there. Then I headed along the long road to the next lot, the sun was shining and Capital was playing the best dance tunes and it was all very summery.

I went to meet the boss to look at some work he had for me, a big country house with sea views, beautiful gardens, and the family there were away.
So we discussed what work I would be doing, and then I headed off to my next job which was nearby.

Unfortunately the next house was suffering as a result of the wave of local power cuts, and the elderly gent was feeling most dismayed and bemused. He has a gas stove though, so his carer cooked him a meal before she left.

I managed to bump my head quite hard, I dropped the secateurs and went to pick them up and caught my head on the corner of an open window. I had an impressive lump on my head, the size of  half an egg. So I finished early there and had a break.

I went on to the next house, the little farm, there was no-one there and my instructions were to water, weed, and then put the ducks and geese away.
I was puzzled because the instructions said 'Hens sorted in the barn' but the hens were rampaging nortily around and trashing my neat digging rather than being sorted in the barn, so I wondered if this meant that someone else was putting the hens away later, as I had had two lots of instructions involving ducks and geese only.

Despite being exposed on the hill, the farm was enjoying a strong breeze that cooled it down, so I enjoyed being there alone in the silence, just the breeze and the sea and the fields and the hens muttering ominously in the hedge, I wanted to stay forever. The roadside produce stall was blowing away and I ingeniously fixed it and felt most proud.

I put the ducks and geese away, but I got worried about the hens, so I texted the people, even though they are away.
No answer, I headed home, leaving the hens, because I had no instruction as to how to put them away.
I thought I would have missed rush hour as it was now evening, so I was surprised at the traffic as I headed for town, until I saw the flashing lights, a multi-car crash, traffic was trying to squeeze through.

Once through the traffic, I was heading home at a good speed, but I was annoyed because the local radio was misreporting the crash and the traffic situation, and was trying to tell me that the road I was on was congested as I sailed through there and home.

Once I got home, the farm owners texted saying 'oops, the chickens shouldn't be out!' but they got someone closer to home to put them away, rather than me having to go back.

Yesterday I went to do this sub-contract work that the boss showed me. But it was in the full sun, so I got too hot, and I had to shower under the hose, yes I still do that, and then re-apply my sun block.

I worked there all morning and then headed into town for lunch and coffee of course. I needed coffee.

Then I had my new old lady for the afternoon. It was hard to persuade her that I didn't want to spend half an hour on tea and biscuits, I feel mean but I don't really like half an hour on tea and biscuits, especially when I am close to heat stroke.
Thankfully, as I got my work done, the other gardener, who does the lawns, turned up, he was dripping with sweat and very cheerful and he loves half an hour of tea and biscuits with the old lady, so he solved that problem.

So I headed home, and I am not supposed to spend money on myself while I am poor, but I got myself a DVD and a book. The DVD is 'Me before You' which I saw at the cinema with my mate, I liked it, so I have the DVD and I watched that when I got in from work, then Hollyoaks and Doc Martin were on TV but they were eclipsed by the film.
The book I got is called 'The Girl and the Ghosts' which sounds a bit like one of my book titles, it is another foster carer's account of a foster child.

I was tired last night and slept, and I woke unusually turned over with my head in a spare pillow, normally, thankfully I sleep still on my back with my head and neck supported, but I wasn't in pain.
I have been lucky this week, even the hard bump to my head hasn't made me ill, It is bruised and sore and during Thursday night I woke up for the loo staggering and feeling sick so I was worried but I was OK.
Last night we had thunderstorms but I was too sleepy to get up and watch them. I could hear them though as I drifted in and out of sleep.

This morning I am lazily reading my book and Mel and Joey just started, I will go to work around Midday for a while.

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