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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wednesday evening

Good evening,

I am just watching Hollyoaks, then I will watch the preview.
It is a lovely sunny evening, and yes I almost swam in the sea when I got home from work!

Anyway, back to where I left off yesterday. I really was ill and had to postpone yesterday's work to tomorrow, how annoying, stacking work towards the going away date.

So, after I postponed my work, I got into bed and slept for four hours.
My friend woke me by phoning me and she came and collected me and took me to the bank because I would have gone after work to put the rent through.
So the rent got done and we had a drive around and a chat.

I spent the evening studying, until I got too tired, then I got ready for bed, including trying the new gum shield out, but as before, not being used to it kept me awake, and although I had gone to bed exhausted at 9pm, I was still lying there, chewing the stupid gum shield at nearly 10pm, so I took it out and slept, so no benefit from it yet, I just have to get used to it.

In the morning I staggered round my paper round, groggy for no reason as I had not taken 5HTP, and then headed straight for work, still worryingly groggy.
I got to work early, it was due to be a hot day and I didn't want to work in the heat of the day, but I was also allowing for potential extra hours due to being away next week.
But I didn't need to do extra hours. So I was finished by lunch time and home, ironically I used to hurry on Wednesdays to get home and have some food and a shower before going to music lessons, but now my music lesson has moved to Friday, and this Friday is the final one before I am away and then the exam.

It's funny, this has been the second Wednesday when I had run out of bread and so I had cornflakes for breakfast, and both times, I have been hungry by 10am. Normally all I have is two small wholemeal slices of toast with a bit of Bertolli on them, and that keeps me completely hunger free and energetic until lunch time. So, the test of toast against cereals is won hands down by toast.

Anyway, so I was home earlier than I knew what to do with, and after having got a lot done.
My housemate also came home, and it seemed we both wanted the shower and the washing machine, but I was only after a cold shower after hot hard work, so that was OK, then we both managed to do our washing and cook our lunch without getting in each other's way.

I went to the beach, still a bit nervous about swimming yet, but grockles were wading, so I waded and absolutely soaked my slacks, but I was wearing a swimsuit underneath, the sea is warm enough to swim in but it was rough enough for windsurfers so maybe a swim would have been too much.

I came home, put the washing out.  And have been struggling to get anything done, I have got some of my lists done but at the moment it is all study, revision, and the incomprehensible preparation for going away.

The cat is asleep on my bed, he has clawed me a few times, just because he is rude. But he has also purred and slammed his head against my leg a lot, cats have hard heads, I wonder if he realises this?

I forgot to say, I did back Golden Horn for the Derby, well the form was rubbish for the rest, it was a given, but it makes up slightly for the National going wrong :) I never bet money, I just choose a horse, and Golden Horn was the only one with a chance, especially with Dettori riding him.

My previous post is another interview, if you are interested.

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