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Thursday, 4 June 2015

A second interview with HG

Again, this will disappoint people who want gory details.
But it is interesting how many people have read the interviews,
and ANYONE is welcome to submit a series of questions,
and judging by the interest, I am surprised that I am not getting serious church and Jersey questions so much yet.

Interview Questions in bold.

1. What is your favourite desert /pudding?

I am not much of a dessert person and I don't often do dessert, sometimes I do merangue with fruit and yogurt after my Sunday dinner, and when I go to the outreach meal, the do nice stodgy puddings, and occassionally I get small trifles or cheesecakes from the shop, but I shouldn't as I need to watch my weight.
2. What is your favourite Disney film?

I am not a disney fan, I do not like the way they make young people feel that they have to see the films or be the odd one out, I do not like the dangerously over-emotional stories and scenes as I think these are bad for young children. Sorry, I cannot name a Disney film that I really like.
3. The Two Cultures: do you prefer science or art / literature?

Science! Although art and literature are very interesting. I love science and I am looking forward to studying Environmental Science in the autumn.
4. Are you an Early Bird or a Night Owl person?

I am an early bird, I have never been good at staying up late deliberately, only insomnia caused by trauma would keep me up late.  I like being up early.
5. Do you like Classical music? Favourite composer?

Yes, I find classical music very soothing, my Mum always listened to Classic FM and my Brother also liked classical music. 
I am really not sure who my favourite composer is, as with other genres of music, I like whatever sound I like, and it can be by any composer.
6. Hair: if you could choose to be a blonde, brunette, black hair or redhead, which would you be? Have you ever changed hair colour (with dye?)

I am happy with my hair, I wouldn't change it. I used to be close to a girl who usually had her hair black and green, and I tried her black dye but I was allergic to it. Never again! :)
7. Do you prefer to read magazines or books?

Usually books, I am a book person, but sometimes magazines are good for light reading. My old housemate used to give me her magazines and sometimes it was nice to read but Women's magazines make me kind of wonder if people are really that shallow, so to speak, I hope that doesn't sound uppity.
8. Do you paint?

No, I am dyspraxic and I am a messy pup, having paint in the house would be a disaster, I have already spilled and dropped a lot of things today.
9. Is there any food you really dislike?

I am not keen on sweetcorn and I don't like sweet foods in the morning.
ah, beetroot, yeah, I hate that! 
10.  Early memories: first pop song you heard and really liked

Well my siblings liked Abba, and Abba was one of the few Pop groups my Dad didn't ban, and I liked some of the songs although I didn't understand them. I gather that because of my parents superstitions and Jewish culture, they liked the fact that the band was called Abba, which means Father in Hebrew. 
One particular song is 'Another Town Another Train' as it reminds me of slightly better times although paradoxically it reminds me of my sister being suicidal and trying to jump in front of trains and coming home and telling me.

Thank you for interviewing me.

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