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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tuesday evening

Good evening,

What a busy day.

This morning when I got back from delivering papers and directing lost grockles - Grockles shouldn't be allowed out before 7.30 anyway -  I put the washing on as I showered, then put the dishwasher on when the washing was on the line.
Then I went to physio.
I think there is an improvement in my non-working muscles, and the physio said I am fit and strong apart from the dysfunctions, that was so awesome to hear!
I am not completely fit and strong, my lungs are useless, but I am working out working round my disabilities.

Anyway, I came out of physio, and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my friend's dogs tied up outside, so I sat with the dogs until my friend and his carer came out, and so they were surprised, like I was when I saw the dogs.
My friend lives about 8 miles away, but he was in for another clinic.

Anyway, after a chat with them, I biked to work. My hard work shift, I was a bit worried that the chest infection and sore throat would slow me down but they didn't.

I worked peacefully and then biked back through the beautiful countryside under a sunny sky, I stopped at a garden centre to get some shears for one of my customers, and then stopped at my friend's house on the way, I just needed to make some arrangements with her, but she invited me in for a cuppa and a chat, and then she put me and my bike in the car and gave us a lift home.
Saved from trekking up the hills! :)

At home, I grilled some meat and watched my programmes, already very tired but my day hadn't ended, bin night is housework night, so I did the hoovering, mopping, cleaning and bins, then I tested the new shears on our hedges and trees, they work well and I get paid to garden here, so it was all good, and the neighbour came to chat, I know him because he has the last paper on my paper round, he lives next door and has a beautiful garden.

I am roaring tired now, so tired I will sink through the bed and float off.
I am also suffering headache and sore throat and chest infection, the price of that hard working holiday.
The physio this morning showed me exercises to help straighten my twisted legs a bit and also exercises to loosen the trapezium muscles that cause so much pain. I must now go and practice these, goodnight.

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