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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Saturday Morning

Good morning.

I am in heaven, My Parents are Aliens is on! Back to Back! And it is Saturday and I have no work and a soft duvet and a purry cat and loads of tea.
Haha, pre-holiday, last day, less stress now, maybe.
I have managed to get my prescriptions slip, and will pick my meds up later, which is one less worry, I have comprehensive lists and instructions. Because despite me giving the illusion that I am a seasoned traveller who can easily jet between Jersey and the UK, I used to get into terrible messes and panics over it all, just because I really wasn't properly prepared or capable.

My landlady and her partner are here for the weekend and it is nice to have them around, we had pizza last night and then watched Chris Evans.

I haven't been updating for a few days.

On Thursday I had a refresher driving lesson as I have not driven since I was in Jersey and basically I shouldn't have been driving during my last few years in Jersey as I was too ill.

After my lesson, I went to work, worked hard in the hot sun, and I biked to and from work through the beautiful countryside.
When I got home, I got my swim things and went for my first sea swim, it was cold but refreshing, and then I sat in the sun and dried before getting dressed and biking home.

Yesterday I didn't have any contract work, and I had cancelled the four days of event work because I couldn't do that immediately before going away. So I had a quiet day, tired so I caught a few hours snooze after doing the heavy local papers.
Then I did the housework.

Eventually I collected my prescription thingy, which they had managed to lose and reprint. I need my asthma meds while I am away as I will be working so hard.
And then I did some revision and my friend collected me for my music lesson, and the thunderstorms hit.
The music lesson, last one before the exam, was OK, the reason I have been struggling with one of my practice pieces is that it was misprinted, I wondered why it was so hard to play!

And when I got home my landlady and her partner were home.
It is kind of nice when there are other people here and I am not having to think for the whole house, so to speak. I have no idea why I end up caretaking every property I live in, but I don't mind.

I have survived this morning's concrete slab papers, and now just tomorrow's slightly smaller round, then no papers, I am away! :) Humph, I never knew I would ever go away, although it is a working holiday.
And I am anxious.
I don't usually go on holiday do I? There is no holiday in this blog, is there? And it goes back to 2011.

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